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Preparedness changing suggestion

in Thief

Posted by: Artorias.8271


Since we’ll get new sniper spec, I take my thouths to trickery IMO worst trait. I heard a lot about don’t changing energy manipulation with revenant main traits and it’s really good idea, then why the thief must always count on thricery (even though he don’t wanna go that much presseure on steal effects) for maximize total initiative which is big advantage and very often must choice.
With my new sniper playstyle I want to invest in another traitline, not necessarily using my mark/steal that often.

Getting to the point, heres my suggestion (pls have in mind thats my personal idea^^).

Increase thief maximum initiative count by 3.
Preparedness know regain your initiative by 3? when using a stolen skill (f2), with 20s cd. firstly I didnt want to add it but then it can rely more on improvisation trait, giving thief propably some new nasty combos wich this post is overall about to avoid ;d

ps. this is my first post amd I realize that my English skills are not that great but have a lot hope that anyone can agree with me including ANET ;D

BTW you’re doing great job with new elite specs, keep it going ANET and I can’t wait to fully try them out! ;D

Make Impossible Odds more poweful ; )

in Revenant

Posted by: Artorias.8271


Just a short thought. What about adding alacrity to superspeed and quickness? ; D
What do you guys think?