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In my opinion, Magic find needs to go

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Blissified.8369


Magic find is an old mechanic that is not fun, but we feal its mandatory

Magic find, promotes players to not be their best they can be, hinder their teamates which is greedy and not cool, magic find needs to be gone from mmos, just make rng based with no magic find and it would be basicly the same thing as having magic find. Think about it.

Getting rid of magic find is innovative

How can you not agree? think of it having magic find really brings nothing to the table except pointless extra grind, if the loot tables are optimized for a no magic find game, players wouldnt notice a difference and we could focus more on having fun with the gear WE WANT instead of having to be underpowered in magic find gear which isnt fun.

Don’t say we have a choice

Remove MF, buff/fix drop rates. Everyone wins. MF is redundant, everyone can get lots of MF its not hard to get, it’s not very expensive, so why not just make that the standard and remove it completely?

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