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Bye bye GW2. A topic for everyone to say...

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Obligatory “Can I haz stuff” post. Mail me your materials in game please.


New Black Feathered Wing Backpack!

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Meanwhile at the office:

- So, 2000 gems?
- No-no-no! Have you seen the hype? 5000, definitely 5000!

20 level 80s and counting.

Season 1 and the Story Journal

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First – Season 1 will not be available via the journal right away. It was done before the concept for the journal, and as such they need to retrofit it, which they want to do, but have not started / do not know when such will happen. There are higher priorities.

Second – We do not know, and likely won’t know until Anet retrofits it and has it set to be added. That’s probably not a decision they will make until that time, so they probably don’t even have a concrete answer. My best guess would be that those that played it will probably get it free, and those that didn’t will have to purchase it if they desire to have it.

Third – If season 1 works similarly to how they have described season 2 to work, (after they finally add it) you may not need to purchase it yourself to experience it. It was explained during the twitch stream of the journal that someone that does not have the content can tag along with someone that does, and experience the story that way. You simply wouldn’t get any progression, rewards, or achievements. But that has yet to be seen one way or the other.

Don’t look at me like that. Whatever you’ve heard, it’s probably not true.

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