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but anything that goes too personal is moderated.

Therein lies the rub

That’s exactly what the bard would tell us, and I almost posted a very similar thing.

Isn’t any moderation carebear-style forums? Aren’t personal threats/boasts how real PvPers come and brag?

Don’t you think that if people generally kept their bravado to the game and less about the people, this sub-forum would have stayed open?

Either way, here’s another suggestion: any match-up threads should auto-format all posts to all caps.

I’m talking about things like someone hunting down your RL personal information and posting about it. I’m not talking about someone calling you a moron on a forum.

And no, real PvPers don’t threaten to kill your wife and kids.

The key is exactly where the line is drawn, not using two extremes as examples. That’s the rub.

So you can’t post any actually personal information, and you can’t make threats to a person. But you can call them names and insult them to your heart’s content, as long as those insults don’t mention anything RL about the person.

You might want to write those rules down, so no one complains about moderation later. You can put them in some sort of document, let’s say, a “Code of Conduct”, so people know what is and isn’t appropriate. That’ll insure they don’t complain, since it’ll be written down for them to read whenever they want.

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