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HoT Failures: Guilds

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So me and many of my friends have played this game for long periods of time. I personally have played since release. However, HoT didn’t really stand up to our expectations on many fronts. Today, I will be discussing one of those fronts. Guilds.

The Stage

The stage is set for the HoT release. Hype train is in full swing. All of us are in a guild and we’re really excited. Guild Halls, Guild sPvP teams, raids, decorations, etc. A lot of possibilities to get our guild more involved and connected. We were really hoping that is what would happen.


Once the game is released, we of course immediately focused our efforts for a guild hall. We were all gitty about how we were going to decorate the hall, who claimed which sections, what each section was, etc. We got the whole guild together and did it. We thought this was going to be just the start of guild focused activities. Then we saw it.

The price. The price was huge. HUGE. People were saddened. Here is this guild hall that was asking for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of gold in donations. So everyone started asking, for what? We did some research. Tried to find out what the point of these upgrades were. A majority of them were pointless. Sure there were guild armorer 2 and weaponsmith 2, but those were months away in upgrades. The upgrades that we could get soon, that carrot on the stick. They were pointless. Some small measly 1-10% boost of some vague benefits. Gathering nodes that cost hundreds of gold and we get 1-2s a day from and a crystal for guild armor that is at least a month or two away.

But we still had hope. We thought hey, without upgrades we can at least decorate it. Right? Wrong. The decorations were just as expensive. AND they required a scribe to get high level which was expensive in its own right. This scribe was personal based too. So we’d have to convince people to donate to a person for the sole purpose of decorations.

What ever hype behind guild halls started to get sucked out. What we thought was going to be the focal point of guild related content and guild teamwork turned out to be a massive gold drain that nobody cared for. Instead of asking players to go play some obscure content that isn’t played often (jumping puzzles, mini dungeons, many open world events that aren’t endgame range), we find ourselves having to grind out huge amounts of gold just to pay for small benefit.

Then Raids came out. We did them for a couple of weeks. Then we realized that they didn’t have that good rewards. People didn’t want to do them again, they had no reason too. They had no reason to practice when they could just go do world bosses or vinewrath and get just as good as rewards. The only incentive was skins and if you didn’t like the skin, well you didn’t have any reason to care about it.

Then we have guild missions. Doing the same guild missions every week of every month for 2+ years now. I’m sorry, but that can only get us so far.

There were so many better ways you could’ve taken the decoration system and the guild hall system that would have benefited the game more. They should NOT have been gold drains. They should have encourage guild pride and teamwork. They should have encourage guilds working together more. But they didn’t.


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We’ll have our critter team take a looksie at this guy, I got a feeling we may have just forgot him in the initial pass.


I know you don’t like people shoving things in your face, but when I saw this comment I wanted to be sure that the events that don’t have a bonus chest are meant to be that way.

Let me first say that I’m really happy you guys did this with bonus chest. I run events and open world things all the time, even before the world bosses were buffed. I really love the bonus chest because It added a ton to the endgame because its actually fun and rewarding to go into the open world. I get zergs (30+ people usually, a ton on the weekend) together every night from 6 different 150+ person guilds and run the ones that aren’t on dragon timer. I always get people whispering me thanking me for doing this, how awesome they are, how fun they are, etc. This is a huge step in the right direction for the end game imo. Also the scaling on the first two monster spawns for the eye of zhaitain boss fight in straights of devestation is amazingly done. Give whoever designed those two monster spawns when scaled a promotion, hahaha!

Here is a list of events that I’ve run and often wondered why there is no bonus chest. Usually because they are hard, require a group, or very fun. If you can’t take a look at it now that’s fine. I posted the wiki links to help you know exactly where they are too, if you decide to take a look.

Thanks again!