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What species would you truly play?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

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I’m surprised nobody suggests a variant human (Canthan, etc.), possibly with a new profession. The advantage would be obvious – all existing human armor already works.

That would be just about the most anti-climactic thing ever.

Hey guys, we’re adding a brand new playable race to the game! Ooh, ahh. What could it be? Excited yet? We’re proud to announce…. drumroll

HUMANS WITH SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FACES AND A DIFFERENT SKIN COLOR! That’s right, humans! No, you’re not imagining things, we’re going completely crazy adding something to revolutionary as HUMANS! What’s that, you can already make humans with different faces and varying skin tones? Nah, these humans have slanted eyes and a choice of skin tones that’s 2 shades off of what the normal humans have! Yes, you heard right, we went the extra distance with skin tones, its not just 1 shade but 2 shades difference!

Please stop with the website stories...

in Blood and Madness

Posted by: Electro.4173


Agreed. Put it in the game somehow. The game should tell its own story, not require supplementary texts from outside for basic lore.

A flashback cinematic would be epic, but even if it was just an in-game book somewhere it’d be better than always putting it on the website.

Golem Pronounced Wrong!

in Queen's Jubilee

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I’m pretty sure there are other NPC’s who use the Gall-Uhm pronunciation as well. The Asura at the gate in the Grove talking about the Sylvari wierding out his golem does, I think.