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Make marionette permanent.

in The Origins of Madness

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Apparently this thread was closed with a warning to my account because it had the word “petititon” into it. I’m told in the warning to re-create the same thread with the same words “as a suggestion”, so here it’s. However i did not remember to ask anyone to sign this

Petition threads tend to cause overly strong inflammatory and emotional responses, and derail easily. You are also welcome to re-post as a suggestion and discussion, instead of asking people to /sign a post.

Anyway, everyone: keep the thread out of derail or emotional responses or inflammatory or that stuff, otherwise we’ll get the thread deleted again


After killing the marionette for 4th time today… i was thinking about it’s purpose. It’s just a 2 weeks piece of content? well, then instead of keeping the wurm up and removing the marionette in 2 weeks (as rumoured), we should keep the marionette up (and optional: remove wurms?).

- It’s easy enough to understand by a newbie, yet challenging.
- It’s really fun/replayable since you can only fight 1 of the champions/chains per run (unless a group fails and you are in groups 1-2-3). That makes you wonder how are the other champions and try to see them.
- It’s a big awesome fight that makes players use teamwork and use 5 commanders, giving it some use.
However, the rewards should be adapted.

I am not sure about this but i “think” that most players will choose the marionette over the wurms, and we would like to have the permanent marionette to kill it in our world events rotation.

Any thoughs?

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