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Dead men tell no tales

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Posted by: Equinox.4968


I’ve had this idea for a while, but the recent patch and its “destroy enemy scrap” mechanic has made it seem more plausible than ever.

In WVW, dead players can potentially “scout” for their server beyond the grave because bodies remain in the same place they fell until the player idles out or revives. This seems somewhat unfair; in reality, dead soldiers are simply dead and not potentially a benefit to their team. So why not have a “burn body” mechanic to force the dead player into a black screen? It could be like finishing a downed player, but would require a much longer time to activate (say, 15 seconds), and any damage would interrupt it. This would make it a function that would only be useful in cleaning up a battlefield after the battle is over, much like in real life where soldiers would burn or bury corpses after a battle had been won. Realism AND utility!