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Questions about Pricing and Payment [merged]

in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Posted by: Erlene.2139


20-30€ would be insta-buy for me. If it’s more I’ll have to think more about it.

That seems about right. I wonder if there are any stuff in the expansion that wasn’t mentioned yet?

Believably Black Human Male?

in Human

Posted by: Erlene.2139


I’m super late here, but I agree. More options would be great. I know I’m not completely satisfied with how my character’s face turned out.

The limited choices are probably more noticeable because as humans, the differences are more recognizable. Unlike for the other races.

Hm. Things inevitably got out of focus in this discussion for a few I see. A few fallacies maybe?

(first post in the forums yay I guess)