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Big list of Quality of Life improvements

in Suggestions

Posted by: Esreyr.6304


Dungeons and Personal Story:

  • No one cares about NPCs that have nothing to say. Remove the ability to “interact” with NPCs. I want to collect my loot, not have Trahearne blather on.
  • In dungeons when presented with a path choice, make it clear which paths have been taken prior.
  • In dungeons add a quest tracker for incomplete dungeon paths, so you know which you need to do before given a choice.
  • Add an indication if the dungeon is Night Time or Day time (for those that run certain Sigils)
  • Can we get rid of the Contested dungeons? Here is how it goes:
    player 1:  Is CoF open for anyone?
    player 2:  Not for me.
    player 3:  open on mag, fa, and ioj.
    player 4:  cool, I'll guest.
    [pre]player 1: Is CoF open for anyone?
    player 2: It is contested every where.
    player 1: oh
  • party disbands *[/pre]

Transmutation Stones:

  • Can we get a use for these at level 80? (I’m stockpiling these and I don’t know why. And I’m afraid to delete them incase they become useful.)


  • Change “purely Salvable items” so they are “brown” for item quality (instead of white)
  • Add more buttons for the vendor’s mass-sell: Sell White, Sell Browns (Or at least change “Sell Junk” to include “White quality” items which are not “purely salvagable”.)
  • Allow us to buy multiple items at once (orrian boxes, alcohol)

Commander Tag:

  • Why not account bound? (My guild has several great commanders. I don’t see why they need punished for being a commander for every toon.)
  • Allow commanders to set their tag’s visibility {mini-map + map + character’s view}: Viewable by All, Viewable by Represented Guild, Viewable my all member Guilds, Viewable by Friends, Off.


  • Add an approximate queue timer for joining a borderland.
  • WvW Portals – Can you set this as a grief free zone? No mesmer portals, no player placed merchants or toys (anything which interferes with “Interact”)
  • Unbuilt Seige – Different colours on the base so players know what is placed. Red=Trebuchet, Green=Catapult, Grey=Flame Ram, Black=Golem, Blue=Catapult.

Big list of Quality of Life improvements

in Suggestions

Posted by: Esreyr.6304


Hello, here is my list of Quality of Life improvement I feel ANet should make to the game.
I’ve tried to keep my list independant of changes that beneficial to one class over the other, or certain players over others.
These are purely my opinion and I don’t expect everyone to agree. If you feel any of these are bad ideas, at least give a constructive reason other than “No” so as a group we can hash out better ideas.

I have also left out ideas which would require a rework of the existing game in any significant fashion (such as housing, guild halls, or mounts)

Anyways, here is the list in no particular order.

Gem Store:

  • For the style tab – have 5 options for filtering: Light armor, Medium armor, Heavy armor, Town Clothes, All.

Auction House:

  • please add filters for light/medium/heavy armor
  • please add a checkbox for “usuable only”
  • how come there is no dye category? How come some categories have nothing in them?
  • When I change tabs and come back to the search pane all my search settings are gone! Please fix.


  • please add in an ability to hide the character’s inventory slots in the bank UI (I personally use my Inventory UI and drag across. I know how my normal inventory is sorted, and it appears on 1 screen without scroll bars. The Bank inventory of my personal inventory has scroll bars, and takes up too much space, esp if I’m using my normal inventory screen too.)
  • Split Collectables into two tabs – Collectibles=Pets,etc, Materials=things you craft with
  • Add another TAB: PvP skins
  • Add another TAB: Other skins (such as those useable for PvE content – such as the achievement items)


  • I can right click an item in my inventory and replace my equipped offhand weapon. But why not my offhand Ring or Accessory or 2nd Aquatic Weapon?
  • Aquatic weapons – when showing the tooltip-comparions show the offhand aquatic weapon too.
  • Add option to right click “use stack”. I dare a developer to purchase 500 orrian boxes and click through that mess. (also for the ascalonian alcohol – see Thirst Quencher Achievement).
  • let me type /wiki then link the item in chat to fill out the rest of the line. I hate typing the item when I can click it perfectly in!

Money Bags and Karma Jugs:

  • What is the point? Just put these items in my wallet please! I beg you!