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My character is a massive kittenbag.

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I bought GW2 yesterday, and as of yet I’ve only reached level 3. When I made my character, I picked Quinn as my friend, a ruffian. I recently received a quest to help him out as he had disobeyed his bandit leader, allowing their comrade to be kidnapped due to his absence. This all goes well, and we retrieve the kidnapped bandit.

Now, after this Quinn sticks around with his bandit comrades, and they head off to rob an apothecary. I receive a quest to go talk to the local guard, and he asks me about Pete (The bandit leader). Now, despite having never ever met this guard before, and despite knowing that my characters BEST FRIEND is going to join his bandit friends on the apothecary robbery, my character, without even blinking, opens up to 270%, telling the guard EVERYTHING. I am going to be stuck with this character for a good while now, yet it feels very difficult to feel and connection or even enjoyment with my characters personality when she blatantly runs off to snitch to the local guards without me having a say in it, risking her friends life and/or freedom without even blinking. Instead of wishing my character succeeds, I just want to see her miserably fail and be beaten up by some local thugs for completely throwing the very concept of loyalty out the window. You might say that it’s merely a wish from Arenanet not to promote evil or criminal activity, but as seen in many RPG titles, you can never be sure that the guards are any less evil. Sometimes, the bandits are even the lesser of two evils.

I do not at all enjoy my characters personality and her choices. Have I done something wrong in the character creation, can this be changed? I know I picked certain personality traits for my character during the creation, but does this affect the way she interacts with the world? If possible, I would very much like to change it before reaching any higher levels.