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Downscale Toxic Offshoots plz

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I agree with most people here, the event is fine the way it is. But I do want to reiterate That Guy’s comment: several of the toxic offshoot event locations seem to be bugged in some way. We need some devs or whoever to take a look at them to get these fixed.

I, too, have experienced having all 3 siege engineers alive and well, but they never fire a single shot at the plant. In one instance, I’ve noticed that the event will hang on transition. It’s possible it auto corrects after some time, but after waiting 10 mins, I’ve already wasted too much time to see if it will.

Probably the most interesting bug I’ve ran into is the toxic offshoot in NE Brisban Wildlands, I was freeing the people when I got ‘downed’ and immediately one-shotted. I looked around and saw that there was a level 80 hallucination running around. Awesome…

Zephyr's Ascent/Leap achievements: bug?

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If this has been addressed already, I apologize for posting but I didn’t see anything after searching.

Let me set the stage:
I have completed both Gates of Maguuma and Entanglement on two characters. I am currently working on my 3rd.

During the Fallen Hopes instance, I was on the step to finding the three clues. After finding two, I noticed the hay stack and decided to take some time to do both of the achievements listed in the title of this post.

While completing Entanglement on my 2nd character, I completed a couple achievements, so I figured this would be no different.

However, upon reaching the top of the mountain, I did not receive completion for Zephyr’s Ascent. So I then decided my luck at jumping onto the hay stack – barely hit it, but I lived. However, again, no completion.

I want to also note that after doing this, I had 3 of the 4 survey equipments destroyed, so I found the 4th and destroyed it. Again, no achievement completion.

I plan on revisiting these achievements once I have gone through Gates of Maguuma.

So the question remains: is this a bug or is this working as intended? If this is working as intended, then why was it changed for Entanglement (since as I mentioned above, I experienced completing achievements during similar circumstances)?

Liadri thoughts and suggestions

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I agree with the OP on many points.

I, too, have done over 200 attempts on Liadri, but unfortunately, I just wasn’t able to finish her off.

Having an older computer (which is around 8 years old now) makes it that much harder when you have to add lag into the mix. I know at least half of the attempts I made on Liadri resulted in death that I had no control over, simply because of the lag monster.

I appreciate the complexity and required learning of this fight as much as anyone else, but I just wish I had known earlier some arenas gave inherent disadvantages and I wish that I could have fought Liadri away from all the action of the boss blitz.

I do hope that if we get another shot at the gauntlet in the future, ANET will take into account the concerns in this thread to ease some of the frustrations myself and others have had to endure.

For any curious, my best attempt put Liadri around 10-20% health with time to spare. Death to lag. So regardless of the age of my computer, I know I could have beaten her. =(