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Mini Super Assassin

in Super Adventure Box: Back to School

Posted by: GrizzlyBearoDactyl.9460


Hi there,

Today I bought the SAB mini set, and forged them to get the mini assassin, under the impression that the assassin would be holding a sword, and pointing it sideways while sprinting after you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t!
I would really really really really like to have a mini assassin that carries a sword. Is it possible to maybe patch this in?


Candidate Trials T4

in Cutthroat Politics

Posted by: GrizzlyBearoDactyl.9460


We just wasted 5 hours on this, trying every single tactic. Big groups, solo, duo, all full zerk, bursting, pulling CC’ing, heck, we were even on voice com for this!
Tier 4 is way to difficult to complete. Please scale it down.
Thank you.

Rata Sum Idea Incubation Lab

in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Posted by: GrizzlyBearoDactyl.9460


Still not fixed. Guild Wars 2 is the best MMORPG I’ve ever played, pretty much everything about it is amazing.

But a week to fix a super simple bug like this?
Shame on you.

Is my CPU causing random 1 second Freezes?

in Account & Technical Support

Posted by: GrizzlyBearoDactyl.9460


Hi Fruban! I’m having the exact same issue as you are; freezes mostly at selecting AoE and when in combat, and also (though less frequently) when just walking around.

Did Squall Leonheart’s answer about the HDD-ussue fix your problems? I have a completely different HDD though.
Or are you still experiencing these freezes?

I’ve tried pretty much everything; clean boot, direct internetconnection through Ethernet-cable, re├»nstalled GW, re├»nstalled windows, CPU/GPU are not bottlenecking… So I’m pretty desperate and these freezes annoy me a LOT. I die all the time in WvW because of these freezes.

Thank you!