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A complaint..

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1) If there’s one thing I hate in games is when everything is told to me.
“Do this, press X, cover, do that, go there” I love to play games, not just sit there like a zombie and execute commands when I’m told to. I love finding things by my self or asking people in game. This is a MMO, there are other people all aover the place and you are not penalized to think, you never are.

2) There’s always patch note. they are there:
They are usually posted between 1 to 10 minutes after a patch.

3) Never. Just like there’s always new laws and regulations in real life, new “nerf” and balance will always happen in game worlds that evolve with its player. Every MMO have those “nerf” whether it affected you or not.

4) They cannot test everything as if thousand of people was playing through it, other than having thousand of people playing through it. Sometime they have to make quick fix, and if you knew anything about anything at all, you’d know that very often when you fix something, it’s another that break. Arenanet is not immune to this just like no one is.
Also people cry bug for their own stupidity. Almost 1 time out of 2 when people complaint about a bug, it’s because they are too n’wa to even figure out how something work by themselves.

“Are you honestly happy with how this game is going so far?
With all the messes that we have already gone through?”

Yes, I see very little “mess” compared to you. I still see a few bugs but I report them as I see them.

“I mean look back at my 2nd and 4th complaint, those are just awful.
Most games have patch notes and everything for even the smallest changes.”

Considering your 1, I imagine how hard it must be for you to browse a website. So I can’t really blame you.
Anyway, I gave you the link where they post patch note. Try thinking a bit and you’ll figure it out.