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Replacing Dungeons for a new Game-mode

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As it is right now, dungeons are more or less useless and are in direct concurrence with Fractals, but I personally find it a waste of resources and a specially for new players it can be frustrating when they want to make something that should be Normal in MMORPGs.

I also know that Arenanet says that they don’t want to bother with them anymore and fix them, but what is about using what we have and redesigning them to a new unique game mode that would be beneficial for the World and the player base?

  • Right now we have:*
    - Single player + world exploration
    - We have Fractals for 5 players
    - Raids for 10 players
    - World bosses and Events for unlimited number of players.

So to create something unique let’s kill Dungeons from the game and create *
*"Excavation sites"

- 3 Player content
- 10 – 25 min time scale per run
- Monsters level can be adjusted to normal world monsters with some Elites or so.
- Since we already have the Dungeons sets there is no need to change the loot much.

How can it be done? (Yes I know it will not be that simple)

- Take the existing dungeon layout and remove all from it.
- Put NPC inside that give a feeling of an Archeologic/Research (etc.) Excavation sites.
- Create a Small event chain
o Example Ascalon
? Event 1 Establish the first strong hold for the exploration and Excavation
? Event 2 Scout the Area and find clues about possible Artifacts. (Let’s say 3 are there) (with NPC protection or without)
? Choose a route (if multiple routes exist)
? Event 3A Clear the road and Protect the Explorer Team
? Event 4Acapture the Artifact and kill its guardian.
? Event 3B Clear the road and Protect the Explorer Team
? Events 4B protect the area and the Team until they finish digging.
? Etc…….
- Remove the Dungeons from the Game and reintroduce for example the in the beginning 3 Excavation sites back in the game and then every month a new one or so.

How can it be added to the existing Lore

Since GW2 main focus is the living in a Living World that can be easy explained, by saying these areas where made available by Hero’s in the past, and from there it’s just an adjustment of lore topic.
But what is possible:

Ascalonian Catacombs
Archeologic excursion to find old human relics and lore about the past Kingdom of Ascalon.

Caudecus’s Manor
After Caudecus is dead now, it could be an investigation and research for his crimes and research for the way he was using Bloodstone

Twilight Arbor
Nightmare curt and plant life research about the area, since the plant life has some unique forms.
Also it can be tied to the jungle dragon history lore.

Sorrow’s Embrace
Archeologic excursion to find dwarves lore and Artifacts and secret research of the inquest.

Citadel of Flame
Research of the Flame legion there artifacts.

Honor of the Waves
Archeologic of the Kodan History

Crucible of Eternity
Research of the inquest secrets

The Ruined City of Arah
Archeologic excursion of the old Human city of Arah
(and since this dungeon is also used as Personal Story Fight again zhaitan it can coexist with his Excavation sites mode)

I know there are some more things like Achievement’s that needs adjustments, but overall it would make the Dungeons relevant again and since it is a 3 player content then, it is not in concurrence with fractals anymore and would have his place in the world again.

Benefits of changing:
- New Lore can be delivered.
- Unique Game mode that would add to GW2 and not be in competition with other features
- It is making it interesting again for Old players
- It helps new players finding people and are not faced with dead content.
- If it is a success you can use this game mode for future casual content.

Bonus idea:
There could also be Daily Excavation’s
- Help explorer X (A box with loot)
- Find Artifact X (A box with loot)
- Make 3 Excavation (A box with loot)
When all 3 are done receive:
- 1 Mystical coin
With that Established players would have Motivation to run it, and since it is only ca. 30 coins per Month it would not impact the economy to much.

So this is my Idea to help and improve the Game on one of his sticking points.