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Sigil Proposals

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Why keep them?

I actually use most of them, because I think the current system has a lot of depth and complexity. The build I’ve been running all day has one On-Swap, two On-Crit, and one kill stacking sigil.

Are we going to remove unpopular amulets next until we’re all rolling Marauder’s or Viper’s? It takes time time and effort to take something out of the game, and it will undoubtedly affect PvP in some (likely small, but still important) way, to remove them because “no one is using them” is incredibly short-sighted. How does it improve balance to have us all taking the same sigils? Why not truly balance the game and only allow premade build sheets with everything chosen for you?

Suggestion: PvP Preseason before Season

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R O C.6574

This is a better thought out version of what i’ve been thinking

Balance soon?

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So I am curious.

Given you clearly watched the matches today and there was a grand total of one druid (and several eles), why do you think this proves druids need nerfs ?

And 1 Mesmer, clearly Anet overnerf the class and it needs a buff for better representation in the pro league competitions.

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Besides balance issues

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Berry Pun Pup.6904

This requires Anet to both care and put in the slightest amount of effort to maintaining the health of their game so…