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[SUGGESTION] Saved Builds

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Posted by: JubeiTM.5763


I do PVE, WvW, Dungeon/Fractals etc. For each of these I use a different build. This goes the same for my Engineer and my Guardian and Warrior. For how long will I have to suffer loading screens and then manually retain my stats + travel to banks just to change a set?

Instead of assisting my guildies in various locations I waste precious time traveling just to do what I mentioned above. Some maps don’t have trainers and banks, so the loading time to travel way and back is ridiculous.

The solution IS NOT the Bank Express and a supposedly “mobile trainer”. The logical solution is adding a few predefined buttons/slots that store different builds.

I mean…. wow. A player can unlock over 20 bag slots in his inventory and carry thousands of items… And there is NO ROOM for an extra set of gear? Of course It should cost just as it cost to manually doing it but the time I could save will totally worth it. Unlocking an extra inventory slot is 400 gems, an extra bank chest is 600 gems and a character slot is 800. Extra armor and trait slots should could cost as well – it is not up to me to decide the price. But believe me I would buy at least 3 for each of my favorite heroes.

This is 2013 for the love of Balthazar! Such a solution should be a piece of cake compared to the rest of the game. Stop grinding our gears already. Thank you.