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Only 2 Classes for PvP?

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Posted by: MithranArkanere.8957


Those two professions are the choice of the cowards.
And since both PvP and WvW are filled to the brim with cowards that will use all the cheap tricks they have available until they get nerfed, and those two professions have the most cheap tricks; of course you’ll see them around more often.

What we need is some kind of honor system that favors those who are not cowards, like getting more and better rewards when fighting in equal numbers as opposed to fighting only when outnumbering the enemy, and to fight to the end instead cloaking and running away as soon as their HP goes under 50%.

No exceptions!

Purchase Fractal Weapons with Pristine Relics

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Posted by: BulletNG.7069


I believe you should be able to purchase Fractal Weapons (like all other dungeon sets) with the dungeon tokens. In this case I would prefer Pristine Relics over the regular relics (because then less people would be able to get them which is I’m assuming why you don’t have this implemented in the first place). Although, make it possible to purchase a single Fractal Weapon for like 30 Pristine Relics or something difficult like that. I know how hard it would be to obtain them, but isn’t it already insanely difficult?

On that note, they really aren’t obtained via skill, but rather luck. You have to be lucky enough to get the chance for that drop. I’ve done Fractal dailies for well over a month straight and haven’t seen a single Fractal Weapon skin drop. Only once have I’ve seen someone else obtain one in my party (and we’re on FOTM 30)!. No longer am I obtaining any Ascended rings either which is a shock considering the level I’m at. I think the whole “luck” thing this game has become so highly dependent on is kitten I spend so much time playing this game but I can’t even afford anything I want? Not even a simple Fractal Weapon that I have to grind everyday just to have a chance at it? A LOW CHANCE that is.

The current items for the relics do not interest me nor many other players, so they’re just sitting in our banks waiting for something better to be implemented. Please ANet, do this one thing to Fractals instead of nerfing it further.

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The Living Story

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Posted by: Eli The Yahoo.9782

Eli The Yahoo.9782

1st of all, i just wanted to thank you for providing all this extra content to keep us coming back to play.

and for my suggestion – since you are obivously putting alot of affort into The Living Story, please add small in-game cinematics and voice overs – this would greatly help understand the actual story rather than to try reading a bunch of texts.

i’m pretty sure that even if the cinematics will only be (in some parts) pure dialogs with voices (like in story quests) that would do wanders.

Thanks again for everything