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'Reporting' for niceness

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Posted by: Malin.2490


I wish there was some way in the game to ‘report’ someone when they had done something really nice for you. Maybe a similar option as the ‘report’ button but called ‘commend’ or something similar.

It would not have to do much, but it would be nice to have an easy way to show appreciation, even if you didn’t have time/wanted to write a mail or a whisper.

It would be similar to the +1 buttons on many forums, and maybe you would get a little smiley face or something somewhere in the corner of the screen. Or maybe you would have a ‘reputation’ bar somewhere showing how many people that have commended you.

I’d hesitate to tie it to some sort of reward or reputation as it can easily be abused, but I think something like this can be made to foster a bit of community. Many players are a bit shy, and you have helped a lot with that with dynamic events and other things that lets you team up without actually grouping up.

Just a thought, loving what you have done with the game so far (except bloodlust).

Jamail Saoud [Nice], the man with the Drake

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