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Conversation story instance in LA.

in The Origins of Madness

Posted by: Mikuchan.7261


The story instance in LA was absolutely wonderful.
So many conversations to listen to and a big network where everyone talks to everyone.
Really well done.
The network-talking makes it feel much more believable than if they would just be talking to eachother 2 by 2.

The weird thing is that everyone was randomly gathered there and you didn’t really get an explanation for why.

But that said, really well done. More of those!

Offencive Weapon Skin Symbolism

in Suggestions

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You eat pigs, you offend muslims.
You eat cows, you offend hinduists.
You don’t put your children to death when they swear at you, then you offend christians (
You happen to accidentally kill a bug by walking in the grass, then you offend buddhists.

Really.. It has gotten to the point where I simply don’t care anymore.
If I want a goat, I get a goat and then if you get offended by me playing with my goat, your problem.
If I want to eat cows or pigs, I do so.

That’s called freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
Your symbolism can’t rule me and it will not rule me.

And if we’re gonna discuss religion, The theory of everything (I believe it is) allows anything to be created without the need of a creator and still abiding to the laws of nature as we know them.
A universe can pop into existence from nothing. Positive energy is created spontaneusly but an equal amount of negative energy is also created to maintain the sum of 0.

So no god is needed to explain the universe, no symbolism is needed, the universe can be explained by a scientific theory that abides to the laws of nature as we know them.
Thus, your religion and symbolism offends me since I think they are untrue. But I won’t ask you to stop believing in santa because we have a freedom of religion and a freedom of speech and that’s how I want it because that’s democratic.