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AikijinX's Thief Roaming Vol. 3

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Loved the video! Crazy how even with EU ping you were able to pull off the things you did. Definitely got a new subscriber

Rifle Engi help (wvw)

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I run full burst damage on the rifle and run exp/tool/scrap (though you can drop scrapper for alch or firearms). The rifle has amazing single target control that can be used to keep enemies in place while dealing a couple high burst hits. The job this engi has in our group is to create attacking opportunities.

The main tool is the magnet pull. When well practiced, you can easily pull any target in a zerg or small group without fail (exceptions of random occurances). Immediately after the pull is when you land the burst. If you’re running with a small group, this is a death sentence for the target. We rarely find use for hammer scrappers.

Can I get a link to your build? It sounds interesting


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I’ve seen so many anti pinsnipe posts and even if the suggested changes (such as hiding rank) were implemented, none of them will change anything.

I myself am a pinsniper. I’m not in any pinsnipe guild (I’m not even in a guild). This is the only thing I find fun in WvW ever since they made it impossible to hide in keeps as a mesmer with the radar introduced in HoT and since the GvG scene died. I’ve seen alot of antipinsnipe posts so I figured I’d clear the misconceptions.

A good pinsniper will have the commander and backup commander blocked. This allows them to tab through the players and find the commander (it would say unblock instead of block when you right click them).

This means that no outfit or rank change or tonic will prevent pinsnipe. The most effective way to prevent it is stealth. A single veil won’t work. I’d recommend a scrapper as they have a low CD stealth and a gyro that can stealth for a longer time (perfect for regroup as this is when pinsnipers can organize a pull or are trying to target you). This won’t stop the pinsnipe but it will lower the effectiveness of it.

Why would a pinsniper tell you how to counter him?
1) it makes it a challenge and becomes its own game within itself
2) too many commanders rage quit instead of trying to find a way around it (more commanders = more fun for me)

So now we can put this topic to rest.