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Guild Mission UI & Trek while Guesting

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Posted by: Nomad Proxy.1652

Nomad Proxy.1652

Is there any ETA for when we can expect the Guild Mission UI (Awesome UI btw) and Treks to be functional for people who guest to the server on which they have been activated ?

Currently people who guest to a server, on which a Guild Mission was activated, cannot see Guild Mission UI details or automated text in Guild Chat. Also these people cannot see any Guild Trek objectives.

Because guilds have no true “Home Server”, ( You can gain influence for your guild on each server) it would be nice to see more details in the Guild Mission Tab on which server a Guild Mission was activated on. This would benefit large Guilds that maintain a presence on multiple servers.

Starter item merchant

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Posted by: Nomad Proxy.1652

Nomad Proxy.1652

I received a response today for a ticket I submitted 15 days ago about my Engineer’s Multi-Tool Pack that reads, “… unable to replace individual items in the manner that you are describing. We simply do not have the tools to provide this service at this time.”

In my opinion, If Collector’s Edition Bonus items can be restored then other items should be able to be restored as well.

I agree with Cyrus and melkathi about a merchant to sell or give the character story item back. It would also lessen the burden of people buggering the support team about this ! A good place to put said merchant would be in the characters’ “Home” instance in their starting city. I also agree that the item should only be re-purchased by the character that had made that story choice in character creation.


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