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Scarlet events ppl failing it to farm champs

in Clockwork Chaos

Posted by: Phoebe Ascension.8437

Phoebe Ascension.8437

This is another Ember Champion (Anchorage) situation. This has to stop. I had to litteraly run like hell/waypoint like hell to get all events done in time. I even skipped a lot of loot. Meanwhile some hardcore farmers stayed on the same events and semi-afk (they even bragged about it), farmed the champs.

In my opinion, those people do not deserve the succes chest. If it wasn’t for me, kinda sacraficing a lot of loot in the process, (and a few other commanders, but most other commanders were troll farmers, like 6 of them), we would not have made it in time.

Again, the wrong people (the lazy, fail happy, greedy, unfriendly, the list goes on…), get the most rewards. Wrong Anet. You are rewarding the wrong people in my opinion. Provoking a fail to an event, should have consequenses, and now it doesn’t. Can you please do a similar fix, like you did on the Ember champ farming. Thanks.

Legendary weapons can be hidden now!
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