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This game needs pants and less coats.

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Posted by: Raynohr.4712


Every piece of armor in this game has some kind of skirt attachment to the leg armor or something. What is up with that?

I just created a new Norn character and was walking around the starting area and noticed some of the characters were actually wearing regular leather pants that looked nice. I thought to myself…man, I wish I could own a nice pair of leather pants…

The only reason I think they do not include pants for armor is because of the Charr. They need room for their tails so they have to wear skirts and coats. Maybe just let the Charr have skirts and give pants to everyone else. Sorry Charr.

Speaking of coats, I see a lot of thieves wearing coats. I think that is their only option. Thieves should not be wearing coats because they do not look sneaky and it is immersion breaking. Maybe we should have class specific armor.

Armor in this game needs a lot of work. Sorry if this hurts your feelings GW2 armor design team. Lots of my friends agree with me and think armor looks too flamboyant and bulky and lacks coolness. The only thing they like is the dye system.

Maybe just take this feedback and start working on some nice pant models GW2 armor design team. When you have enough nice pants then put them in an upcoming patch and call it the the nice pants update.

Med Kit Bandages Difficult to See

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Posted by: Raynohr.4712


I think the dull brown color of the bandages make them blend in with the ground too much. The light circle around the bandages and the spin effect are nice but I think it just needs more flash but nothing to crazy.

I drop them in WvW and dungeons but people run by them sometimes.

FAQ: Gem Store / BLTC / Trading Post

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Posted by: Raynohr.4712


I received an error completing gem purchase using paypal. Bank called and wanted to verify transaction. I confirmed the transaction. Tried purchasing gems again and got the same error.

Ticket number is 120907-007496

Whisperer Rifle Skin Changed

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Posted by: Raynohr.4712


The skin on my whisperer rifle changed overnight for some reason. It reverted back to the generic blunderbuss model. Anyone else have this problem?