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How much kit swapping is there?

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Posted by: Sathus.7532


I was just wondering for someone who just wants to casually raid/dungeons/solo/WvW/pvp is there a need to swap kits constantly? Is there a lot of swapping for holosmith or scrapper?

I don’t mind that part of the class but I would like to know what I am getting into before I level one, thanks!

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Choosing between necro, rang, rev

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Posted by: Sathus.7532


Just came back to GW2 and my highest was a 28 engi.

With my last year in college I don’t have the time to play more than one class at a time and I really enjoy both necromancer and ranger.

I like the idea and gameplay of scourge (conditions and aoe) and the idea behind soulbeast (daggers and conditions) and the option of druid (support).

I was also thinking of revenant (herald and renegade despite the issues with it). So I wanted some opinions and/or pros and cons of the elite specs/classes if possible.