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Rugged Leather Pain

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Posted by: Bruno.3812


One way is, have a char of the level range to get that mat at salvage and give it all containers to open.

Nice job Anet!!!!

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Posted by: Loudog.9721


Just wanted to say thanks for the great game you have created and the extremely fun content. Thank you for the wardrobe system, thank you for the villain Scarlet, who turned the community on its ear with the thought she may never be slain, thank you for the account bound Legendary/Ascended item fix, thank you for the two handed sigil update, also thank you for the champ train nerf in noob areas! Thank you for the multitude of improvements you have provided. Finally, thank you for trying new things in an MMO and working with the player base to make it better as we go into Living World Season 2. Again, thanks for your hard work and dedication!

Now, to the trolls that will most definitely hit this, grow up and try to look beyond your own nose when it comes to things in life. To those who feel that they are “unique” because they played first and got “x” item, and it should not be ever again offered to the player base, really? By this time, your uniqueness should be portrayed in your ability to make fantastic toon builds that will stomp the kitten out of these noobs in WvWvW and sPvP adding to your pvp reward track. To those that have hurt feelings over not getting what they want when they want it, get a kitten job and learn you are not the center of the universe, the world is not flat, you are not special. Enjoy what you have and participate in the discussions of “making things better” in a constructive manner that Anet can follow and we can stand behind as a gamer community for the betterment of our game! To those that think Anet can operate without a budget or a marketing ploy, aka Item shop. Look at it this way, the item shop is not pay to win, nothing in item shop gives you an advantage over anyone else. Do not want to pay? Don’t, just play. You just won’t have that cool hat everyone has, or that 12 hour extension to your food buff. also, it costs real money to pay for bandwidth, programmers, marketing, salespersons, management, and service technicians to keep your game/forum websites running. So, YES, Anet is trying to make money, again don’t pay more than you are willing to and do not troll more than you should. Again, that is slightly just beyond your own nose, look there from time to time! To those that feel the wardrobe has destroyed there dual legendary set-up, LOL, think about it, put he keyboard away and just really think about it. If you can’t figure it out, then just quit, we are all better off without you.
Finally, to the community at large, thank you for being such a great group of players, thank you for being passionate and working with Anet to give me the game I so love and enjoy! Again Anet, NICE JOB!
To players just coming in, GW2 is a great game and after you get involved, it’s what you make it. I have played from day one, have all professions and toons to level 80, fully geared and still love this game and have more than enough to keep me busy! Give it a shot!

To those that utter fan boy, LOL, work for what you have and quit begging and crying for what you want! PEACE!!!!

Something I miss from GW1.

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Posted by: Dante.1508


I miss my girls from gw1…all of them. I wish i could have had them imported into this game….skills and armor included! That’s not all of them, I had 12 in gw1 lol.
I miss my Mesmer’s Obsidian Armor although in the image here I got her wearing a skirt from a different Elite set, as I had multiple Elite sets for all the girls and like to mix and match them. All the Armor sets were so well designed with very few to no clippings and you could perfectly mix and match them.
I love the Paragon Oby Armor too. I had enough to get most of the girls Oby Armor but didn’t really like much the other sets. The Mesmer and Paragon being my 2 favorites and so that’s what I got. And my Assassin was oh so cool with her Chaos Gloves!
I don’t know maybe I will get to love my girls in gw2 as well…eventually but at this stage I just don’t feel the same attachment to them as I did to these from gw1.

1) Elementalist

Edit: just had to add my warrior lol.

Wow your thread…it made me remember how good Guildwars armors were back then, i wonder what happened with GW2 armor sets, 99% of them are just pretty ugly now..great post.

Something I miss from GW1.

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Posted by: Mega Messiah.1734

Mega Messiah.1734

Two things:

Guild capes, but I get why they don’t have them. Those things would clip like a motherkittener and would look ridiculous on some of the armor sets, so if they do ever add them in I hope they do it right instead of just settling with the clipping we’re bound to see otherwise.

Dervish. I want nothing more than my Dervish back. I know, lore-wise, it is impossible and that I’ll probably never get back my Dervish but good God the money I’d pay to see my Dervish rendered in this beautifully revamped engine using his scythe with this game ridiculously good animations.

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Something I miss from GW1.

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Posted by: jsalemi.3268


@Tiger: Oh, yea, man, I loved the female ranger and assassin gear in GW1. I’d love to find similar gear in GW2. Heck, I’d be happy to have Eir’s outfit for my Norn ranger…

Something I miss from GW1.

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Posted by: piitb.7635


Skill hunting.

One of the most fun and dynamic things about GW1 was you needed to maximize skills sets for an encounter or two.

Like for example I kept banging my head against the wall with Abbaddon, so I went out of my way for god knows how many hours to figure out what cleanses I should be using, track them down in game to arm up my heroes. And beaten Abbadon was hugely rewarding.

You just don’t get that with GW2. But it is something they can bring back.

Sending Alts items in emails

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Posted by: Onshidesigns.1069


Why are we not allow to do this?

Even though the bank is shared between all of our alts. I would still want the ability to send alts items and money through the mail. It saves time and bank space when I’m out in the game world.

This feature is in other MMO’s and creates no problems.