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Help me choose please :)

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I consider myself as a noob in this game. Haven’t done raids or high level fractals and especially I don’t know much about professions. I want to ask you for help with choosing class. I’ll buy the new expansion and as you all know there is a lvl 80 boost.
I don’t know what should I use it on.
When I played World of Warcraft WotLK I played as a arcane mage which uses like 3 spells in its rotation (+cooldowns). It was simple but it certainly needed skill to be good at it. I loved that play style, you could focus on the fight rather than your skill bar. And that is exactly what I want in guild wars 2. I know there are people that say “You can play everything in open pve” but I don’t wanna feel like I’m totally useless. And the other thing what I like about playing certain profession is when it has some “good looking” abilities. Those mesmer/guardian bubbles are freaking gorgeous.
So I’m asking you…Is there any profession which has simple rotation of skills and it is viable (preferable good looking :P )? I don’t really care if it is a heavy/medium/light or melee/ranged.
Thank you