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What do you have that you're proud of?

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My humility.


Molton Alliance Pick Idea!!! 20% Chance

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Better idea, give ANet a chance to apologize for an obvious PTW item slipping into the gem store so they can remove it and move on.

If not, then I don’t see it ending well, as the original idea was to give players the convenience of not having to buy gathering tools perpetually. Nowhere in the game is there a pick that can harvest sprockets, hence this in not convenient, it is however giving an advantage.

Honest feedback for future boss encounters.

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I will try to make this as concise as possible so as to give insight into what I feel will make future boss encounters fun and memorable to the masses.

First and foremost, if you are going to have major fight mechanics, there NEEDS to be an npc about, call him a lore master if you like, somewhere in the world that can give “insight” as to how the fight should be progressed. Directions to said lore master before the fight should also be a priority. In lieu of a voice client, this is a must IMO.

Secondly try to make all the different parts work. Having a single person have to fight a champ when he gets a bad roll of the dice or relying upon all the guys of the cannons to be competent is just insane.

And lastly I realize that the opening encounters with bosses were auto-attack fests, but IMO the pendulum has swung to the other extreme. I enjoyed the marionette fight, and IMO it is just difficult enough to be considered a difficult “boss”. Teq and the wurm require far to much organization to complete and that is why they are will only rarely be done. Something that an MMO should strive to do is keep people wanting to work together, NOT force them to be together (on a timer) as these tend to do.

To this end, the hourly triggers have to stop. I joined this game with the knowledge that their would be dynamic events that could/would be triggered by the players. These hard coded timers only make it so that players must stand around for large lengths of time, usually not playing the game in order to not be stuck in an overflow. I realize that some may gather/roam, but I myself and I’m sure others just tab out and do nothing (watch TV) till the event pops. Give us large map scale events that require pre-events to lead to the main event similar to the some found around orr.

In conclusion, I do like having varied and difficult encounters as they are a nice challenge, but please make the new events (bosses) not just be a timing issue, or make us jump through hoops to complete, I assure you as a DM with many years of experience, giving your players a challenge is good, killing them perpetually is not.

Food for though, and I am sure many many players will disagree with what I have said here, but I only see Teq (and I’m sure the wurm too) done by the elite few in a guild or at reset anymore, and to me this just seems like a waste of dev time. Even if the loot was not as good, I’m sure they would see more traffic if made to be more fun.

TL;DR: I entered words above.