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Tequatl already a ghost town

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Tower Guard.5263

I very much understand where the OP is coming from. The internal metrics won’t lie.

I’m sure the Tequal event metrics will show that it was being killed every spawn on every server, to once or 2 or 3 times a day on one or two servers. This is a step backwards instead of forwards. Because instead of generating new content to attract more players Anet has alienated a large portion of players. Sure some people in Tequal guilds will do it, but that’s far less than the people that were doing it before. Anet wants people to play, if less people play because of a change it’s a step backwards. To be honest it’s a failure.

Solution? Tequal hard mode instance, but because it seems too typical MMO like, Anet will not do this. The real solution is to have left Tequal as is and create a new land where there is an event like Tequal v2. You might sell recycling old content as new content, but it isn’t. You don’t take away from the current state, you add more content.

You add and add and add. No map space? Go underground, go in the air, go into the sea.

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