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Warrior true weakness

in Profession Balance

Posted by: Turtle Dragon.9241

Turtle Dragon.9241

Warriors should not have any weakness.

They are supposed to be the ultimate class at everything in this game that everybody
uses and loves.

For whatever reason, some people prefer to be weaker and play a class other than Warrior because they want “variety”. But when given the choice between a fresh tomato and a rotten one, the same people always choose the fresh tomato. Double standards.

The sole reason why other classes exist is for you to compare them with the Warrior. If all tomatoes were fresh, we would not know which one to pick, but if all of them are rotten and one of them is fresh, the choice is obvious.

Some people even say that they chose a different profession at the start of the game and decided to stick with it. But if you ask the same people this:
If you bought a tomato and found out it was a rotten one later on, do you follow through and eat it knowing that you will get sick? Or do you go buy another one making sure it is fresh this time?
They always answer that they went to buy a fresh one, but they refuse to re-roll a Warrior.

Please stop trying to rot the only fresh tomato and choose Warrior as your class. That way you can be happy as well.