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Things fundamentally broken

in Battle for Lion’s Arch - Aftermath

Posted by: Yasi.9065


Here’s a list of things that are just totally wrong with this living story content:

1. Achievements that encourage people to just stand in a safe spot and afk
2. Achievement text not clearly formulated, a la missing additional requirements for getting an achievement like not getting downed
3. Achievements that are just plainly bugged and only work if you abuse another bug
4. Obscure and unfair loot distribution
5. Starting boss fight with getting downed because there is no invulnerability timer after port
6. No purge of main server, resulting in people afk-botting to not get kicked

Feel free to add to it…

All those things are causing a lot of tension between players, a lot of frustration, name calling, hate… everything negative you usually shouldnt want to have in your community because it causes players to quit the game.

Fix it, asap, and dont make the same mistakes again. But wait… some of those things are actually things you were told before, but did again… so I guess there’s no hope left for GW2.