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Weapon Skins Going away!!

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Nice of Anet to inform the masses on a photo page from a site that not everyone particularly uses or visits.


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Passive 25% run signet for all classes

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Seriously, it’s unfair to have some classes have a 25% passive increase in movement skill, and others, none. I understand some (like the guardian) should have more based on their class and what role they have in GW2 (like shout skills which also just happen to have a 33% run speed skill – that’s fine, I have no beef with that), but to have others hardly have any run skills whatsoever, isn’t cool.

For example, my Mesmer’s only run skill is her focus #4 skill, and even then I fail to keep up with zergs in WvW and EOTM many times, often missing out on captures, badges and loot. Sure, I could buy 6 superior runes of speed for the 25% increase in movement, but why should I have to? I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my other runes just to keep up – especially when it seems most other classes get this passive 25% movement skill for free.

Furthermore, I would have to fork out 12 gold just to keep up with the zerg. That’s 12 gold that other classes don’t have to pay – it almost seems like GW2 WANT the Mesmer to be as slow as a turtle. This isn’t asking for some uber-ultra-overpowered elite skill or something, this is simply asking for a passive run signet for ALL professions so that we can all keep up.

It’s come to a point now where I’m having to think – ok, maybe I’ll have to fork out 12g just to keep up with the zerg, even though it’s unfair and other classes don’t have to worry about stuff like this, but even then, even if I did, that could very well change with the update to runes/sigils, so I’m constantly thinking ‘should I… shouldn’t I…?‘. For all I know the superior runes of speed could completely change, I don’t know. I just think it’s extremely unfair to have half the classes have the option of running a constant 25% faster, and have the other half walking as slow as turtles, desperately trying to keep up with zergs.


A 25% passive increase in movement signet is something every class should have. Please make it happen.

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