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Dungeons in new Expansions

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Posted by: lunatyk.3546


Hi there,

I already accepted the fact that devs gave up on the dungeons for now however I think there is misconception between fractals and dungeons. Each of them should have different reason to do.

Fractals are feature packed easy or high end instances but separated from the world or story.
Dungeons on the other hand are more tied into the location in the world and story behind which gives totally different experience than fractal.

My idea to revitalize the dungeons would be to continue with story mode plus different paths as we have however the new expansions could add new weapon sets and armor sets as rewards like we have right now. It would give players new ways of experiencing the story or flavour of the location and also they could work towards their desier fancy items.
Doing that would keep fractals relevant as a mean to aquire ascended gear and provide the challange to the players while dungeons would be more story + fashion oriented.

What do you guys think about it?