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RNG chest items are not fun

in Blood and Madness

Posted by: EricGORE.7896


RNG chest items are not fun…

Absurdly grindy craftable items aren’t really fun either…

I mean seriously, this game is becoming a grindy, time-gated mess. These events become more and more tiresome to me. Why are you so afraid of rewarding a wide range of players? Why aren’t there more ways to get these skins? Why do you feel the need to make them super rare and exclusive?

Look, I get it, I get having some exclusive and really hard to obtain items, but there seem to be no balance for people who actually want to have fun playing this game and not spend ridiculous amounts of time to feel rewarded participating in this event.

For instance, the Clocktower, arguably one of the hardest JPs in the game, while not loved by every one, it should be a one of a few different ways of being rewarded with a Halloween weapon skin of choice (at least the first time around). Finishing the meta achievements? Skin. Finishing the storyline? Skin. Spread these rewards out and stop being so stingy with them, it’s not fun, it’s stressful.

What would be bad about making a wider array of skins that are fairly attainable? Something we can constantly be working towards during the event. Then the minis and the back piece skins can be the super rare and exclusive items. If that’s not enough, you could even make new types of subtle reward of the RNG and grindy kind.

How about a one time use Halloween weapon effect that you can apply to items? Like the weapon effect on the Chiroptophobia that you can apply to any weapon. Or some super exclusive foot drops that you can apply to any boots.

This spreads the love out a lot more, it makes desirable and fun skins more attainable, thus making the event feel unique and reward, while keeping rare and exclusive, but more subtle rewards there too.

Do I make you Norny, baby?