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Unofficial "Dueling" Area in WvW: Look!

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Many of us want dueling. And since it has not been implemented yet, I propose we the players, set an area in WvW that players can come and peacefully duel 1 on 1, no stomps.

This has already happened. Last night there were 40+ players from all 3 servers in the same spot, dueling. People told their friends and guilds, and more people just kept showing up for the fun.

It starts with a /bow. And if the other player /bow’s, a duel can begin.

It was the most fun I’ve had in-game in several months. I participated in dozens of duels. Many were rematches and bests of 3. Many times enemy players would invite me to their party and we would talk about the duel, our builds, strategies, etc, I even added a couple new friends to my list.

I was there for over 3 hours. I witnessed no foul play, no trash talking, everyone was very polite.

The area this happened in, and the area I propose we set as our unofficial player dueling spot is the southern most point of a boarderlands map, just passed the skill point, next to the giant windmill. It happened to be in the green boarderlands, so if people went along with this.. It could always be in the green boarderlands.

Posting a couple pictures for you guys.


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Request: Toggle option "Other" player titles.

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Now that player titles are visible, there’s TWICE as much text on the screen. In crowded areas its obvious to see why this is a problem. It was perfect how it was. If someone wants to see titles that’s fine, give them a checkbox in the menu to display them.

Sure I can turn off player names. But I want to see player names, I don’t want to see titles and I don’t want double the amount of text floating on my screen.

This is a request to include a check-box within the game menu to hide or show OTHER players titles.

Please show your support and help send this message to Anet.

Recent Market Shifts. Follow-up: Precursors

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Theres a good chance you’ll see this so I’m going to say it.

Legendaries need to be less about money and more about an epic journey. An awesome difficult event or solo/group instance to obtain a precursor or gift would be alot more fun than what we got.

But it’s good to know you guys are listening and are planning to make changes.

Thank you!

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