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Healing support need's improvement

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Earlywood.7438


Well its late and this thread was entertaining so I feel like feeding:)

OP, I feel bad for you, I really do. I think you initially had a thought about healing that you wanted to bring up but you did it the wrong way. Many people have learned this over time and hopefully you will as well. You thought something was broken in the game, stated as much and then pretty much asked the community if they agreed. You offered no examples why it is broken or any ideas on how to fix it and then over your responses accused others of not providing enough information to prove you wrong.

You also shot yourself in the foot by showing your own skill level right of the bat saying people complain that condition builds are broken but really they are bad players. You later followed that up by letting us know you only play PvE and a few times a week for a couple hours and take months off at a time. I’m not sure what PvE you are doing but most players find a problem with conditions the first time they see a limit of 25 stacks on a WB.

Then, through all you responses, you keep attempting to correct people by saying you are talking about support healing other players and not the traditional healer role, but back in your first post you say multiple healers in a group can do this but you acknowledge it would be too much of a dps loss. So, what it sounds like you want is 1 person in a group to provide enough heals for everyone but in a support role so they can still dps and not be a traditional healer.

This is my suggestion. We don’t want that in this game. We never did even back when you were playing the beta. Sure we could have healers could do that, but as many people mentioned already, its not needed with the dodges, self heals, condition removals and general ability to pay attention. Adding stronger heals to this game would only allow you to carry people more then ever, leading to an even less skilled player base then we already have. If you are having issues with the dungeon groups you are in, they need to work on gear and/or skill. They don’t need one person to be dps and be able to do large consistent group heals. They need to learn the mechanics to take less damage. If pug groups are the issue, find a good guild.

You initially asked why people weren’t complaining about the healing problem in this game and we’re all trying to say the same thing here. It’s because its not a problem, no matter how much you don’t like hearing that. It may not be perfect and I would love to hear you suggestions on how to make it a little better, but its not how this game was designed and placing attention here only means they don’t put it where its actually needed.

Anyways, like I said its late so I need to get going. I hope you eventually find the answer you are looking for and we can all move on.

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