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Please show us your statistics

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Jaken.6801


Good evening,

i am but a humble player (well a frustrated and disapointed player at the moment), but i would like to ask you if you could release your statistics on the so called NPE (New Player Experience).

As of now, you only told us: “We have thousands of metrics, tests and statistics who indicate these are the things we need to do”

However just telling us these things does not proove anything. Players (mostly the veteran forum dwellers at least) have not a high opinion of you at the moment and just tellin us this is not a very good move.

I dare to say it is on the same level as the USA said: “We have information of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Irak”
While it is a radical comparison, the result is more or less the same.
You tell us you have information, but you are not sharing them with us.

We might better understand if you out out information like:
What age were the people you tested?
How interested were they in Guild Wars to beginn with?
Have they played an MMO before?
Have they played a PC game before?
Did they play more than Facebook or Smartphone games? (sadly there are a lot)
Where are they from?
What was their education?
Where did you test them?
What was their gender?
How long did they play?
How were they tested?
What were the questions?

While i am only interested in statistics as a hobby, I know that these are very subjective parameters in general.

Furthermore, how much do the testing subjects differ from your target demographic?
By that the target demographic of the basic game experience in general. The game you tried to create and not the target demographic of the lowest common denominator.

All the changes you have implemented are based on these statistics (as you claim) and are subsequently very puzzeling to veteran players and (much more interesting) from an educational point of view.

Dumbing down the experience in my opinion is never a good way to educate people. It only helps them learning bad habbits and that is not a good direction to go.
As a former student in that direction I am very confused how you came to these conclusions and I would really enjoy some insights into your developement progress.

(btw. who are you asking for educational consulting? Does that person know what the goal of the game was? How much the game drasticaly chanegd thanks to these changes? Do you even have one who comes from the education sector? A teacher or professor?)

Are gemstore prices aceptable?

in Black Lion Trading Co

Posted by: Jaken.6801


Just for starters: do not come with the argument that you do not have to have these items and that you can use ingame gold to get them
I just want to talk about the general pricing politic behind the gemstore.

Do not get me wrong. Behind (most) these items is work and some kind of marketing calculation that would certainly justify the amount we are paying for them, but are they really worth that much?

Guild Wars 2 is not the first game using such a model and it will hardly be the last, but there are several inconsistencies inside their own store that makes me wonder if what we are getting is actually reasonable.

While these things are usually cosmetic and making some things a little bit easier, however there are still a lot of items plaqued by RNG or unreasonable high costs if you compair them to other items.

I do not want to go into the RNG with dyes and BLCs, because that is a complete other problem in general, but more about the stuff we get for certain:

Full armor set: 500 – 800 gems = 10€
One armor piece: 400 – 500 gems each = 5€

This is a lot of money that is asked of us. More so if we remember that these things are not unlocked for our character, but are consumables, which means after we have used them once and do not take care of them we cannot use them again.

In other games you buy a skin, you pay similiar prices, however you then have these items forever, they are bound to your account and you can swap them at your leissure.

However Guild Wars 2 does not have such a system, instead if we want to use the skin again, we have to pay again: 300 gems for a transmutation splitter

While the custom of buying more, paying less is nothing new, the difference with these items is just insulting under these circumstances.

While i get that these prices are there to hinder the gold to gem market mostly, (forcing them to use more gold, maybe getting people to think twice or in the end have them just farm for a bit… yada yada, insert long train of thought here) it is just not a reasonable pricing for the normal player who does not have these reccources.

There are signs of a wardrobe on the horizon, which might make this more reasonable, however at the moment i think these prices are not how they should be (even though their statistics and pople who buy these things will tell otherwise)