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Thanks for a good conclusion to this story

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I realized I often only come to the forum to point out the stuff in the game that I dislike, so I thought I should point out parts of The Nightmare is Over that I thought were really cool above and beyond what I normally expect from the game.

So thanks for a really impressive cinematic after the story instance. It looked great and felt epic. I also appreciate how elements of the Nightmare Within got preserved beyond the 4 week time frame of the release such as the Tri-key chest and Dee’s shop. I like the direction the Living Story is taking in its balance between temporary story content and permanent rewards. And of course, it’s always nice to get more banter from Marjory and Kasmeer.

Mini Mr Sparkles sold for $700.

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(cont. from previous post)

Argument 4: You’re being entitled for wanting access to minis

There’s a difference between feeling entitled to getting everything with no effort and feeling entitled to have an equal opportunity to access content. Is it really unreasonable to say “Everything that is in this game as a reward, I would like to be able to earn in-game”?

And as for mini collectors being entitled, think about everything that has caused an uproar in this game. Think about all the things people complain about. If there’s ever been something you hated about reward acquisition in this game, chances are mini collectors have done it or that it is some aspect of the creation/acquisition of minis.

  • Mystic Forge: Ever try to get an upgrade/precursor out of the Mystic Forge? That’s pretty much the main way to get exotic minis. And while the percent chance to get a precursor per forge is less, the cost of each forge is much higher for minis. At current prices, it’s about 40gold to forge 4 rare minis to try to get an exotic. Let’s assume you get lucky and get an upgrade every 5 tries. There are 7 exotic minis that can be obtained, and assuming you get super lucky and never get duplicates, that’s an average of 35 tries * 40 gold per try or 1400 gold to get all the exotic minis. And that’s if you’re super lucky.
  • Buying off the Trading Post: So don’t try your luck Mystic Forging. Buy all your minis off the TP. Again, the prices are comparable to buying a precursor. At this point, a mini collector who used buy orders to buy all the minis would probably need to spend almost 1,000 gold getting the Set minis alone, much less the special edition minis.
  • Account-bound RNG gem box gambling: Remember how much people hated the Fused weapon tickets and the like? Mini collectors had to put up with that too for Foostivoo. During Wintersday, mini collectors had to get six minis out of the gem store gamble boxes, all of which were account bound, and they also had to hope that there were 3 unique minis in those 6 to complete the Masterwork set too.
  • Beat extremely difficult solo content. Liadri the Concealing Dark. Every single mini collector with a full collection had to beat her. Still want to call us lazy?
  • Keep up with limited sales and living story meta achievements. Going to be out of town for work for a month? Better hope it’s not a month where there’s a limited time mini on sale. Better hope it’s not a month where the mini is the meta achievement. Mini collectors had limited time account bound minis to obtain in October, December, April, May, June, July, and August.
  • Time gating. Do you hate grinding guild missions or dailies in order to get ascended gear? Not only do mini collectors have to do that, they have to sacrifice getting ascended gear and the corresponding stats in order to finish off their collection. Well, it’s not really a “sacrifice” since I think most mini collectors consider it a worthwhile tradeoff, but that’s what we have to do.

And on top of all that, we get very little from our minis. The collection as a whole cannot be shown off like a legendary. The title can be bought and sold or borrowed from friends. Minis go away if you switch zones or die. A number of minis also go away when you enter water. Minis barely keep up with you when you run. You have to buy an invisible bag to keep them from depositing. And despite all of this, mini collectors still like them. We collect them because we love the minis for being minis, not for any utility we get from them.

So next time you call us entitled, think about that. Someone who wants a full collection of minis has to go through just about every weird reward mechanism the game has to offer. We’ve sunk money into the game. We’ve sunk time into minis that cannot be bought. We’ve beaten difficult content that less than 10% of the player base is supposed to beat. And we’ve done it for something that gets us virtually no recognition and is dismissed by most of the player base. We don’t do it to show off—we do it because we are passionate about it.

TL;DR: All we’re asking is that in-game rewards be obtainable by playing the game. We don’t want it for free. We’re happy to buy it off the gem store or earn it in game while people who go to cons get it for free. I think we’ve more than proven that. We just want a chance to get it.