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v2/commerce/delivery bug

in API Development

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Sometimes after there is a change in the v2/commerce/delivery the updated coins or items may appear twice, when there is only one item or one amount of coins added. After some time (after the next update to the endpoint) the correct amount is shown.

Screenshots and some more details can be seen here:

message suppressed due to excessive messaging

in Players Helping Players

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“Your message was suppressed due to excessive messaging.”

How do I get rid of this stupidly annoying message when I am posting in the LFG?

I solo a dungeon and want to sell it in the LFG Tool, so I make a LFG, but nobody joins so I remake it, same thing happens. Next thing is that stupid annoying message not allowing me to use the LFG for quite some time. I have also received it when trying to whisper or send gold to friends, why?!

I have also experienced people joining my party only to leave in order to kill the LFG and forcing me into getting the error message.

Any tips for avoiding this anti-spam crap?

Why should I return?

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: RestInWar.7418


I have played this game on and off since release, but the latest break has been many months. I have leveled three characters to level 80 in the following order; Ranger, Necromancer and Warrior. I want to return to this game because at times it feels like the best game there is. At other times it feels like its the most boring game out there. The times I have been the most active have been my roads to 80, which quite frankly aren’t that long. Therefore I was wondering if playing another alt would kick me back into GW2. Do you think playing another profession than the ones mentioned would spice it up for me, or is there something new about GW2 that may do the trick as well? I focus my gameplay around PvE

TL;DR – Any reason to return to GW2 after a few months break? If I decide to go for a new alt, which profession and why?