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Feedback about the leveling system

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Edit: ArenaNet, you can’t seriously think the changes to the leveling system were good, can you? The players in China hated it – why did you force it on us after saying you’d keep the Western and Chinese versions of the game seperate?

Dyes are too confusing. We can dye our armor at character creation but until level 6, we shouldn’t be able to do any more of that.

Dodging is too challenging for new players to pick up.

So are weapon skills.
Skill points.
The wardrobe system.
Underwater combat.
Downed state.
Idle animations.
F1 and other abilities.
Weapon swapping.
Elite skills

I’m so glad that new players and experienced players alike (on alts) don’t have to experience these confusing features until later levels without any introduction whatsoever. I’m also ecstatic that the new GPS system shows us where to go.

I put myself into the mindset of a new player and was able to successfully take my Charr straight from Black Citadel to Diessa Plateau. After that I was directed to Wayfarer Foothills. It was a tough journey but the game told me that’s where I should be heading at level 2.

After an hour of dying and running I finally got to Wayfarer Foothills. What an awesome area! I still died a lot because I didn’t have many weapon skills but that must be part of the challenge new players must overcome.

What a relief when my GPS told me to go to Frostgorge Sound next! That area sounds AWESOME! That area was much harder than the previous and even yellow mobs were destroying me in a single hit, but I think I just need to learn the game a bit more and must not be good at it yet.

I left the new player mindset and set off to make a new character. Now after having multiple level 80s, Dungeon Master, Fractal level 40, and full ascended gear, I’m glad to say that I am forced to undergo those “features” on new characters that I make – which is super convenient because I might not know how to dodge on that particular character yet, or use my HoM armor or other cool features that plague higher levels.

I can’t believe any of this crap actually got past QA. These forums and Reddit are lighting up right now over how terrible these “features” are. Want to talk to a class trainer in Queensdale as a level 80? Too bad. Learn to play.

…Sarcasm over. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Please tell me these “features” from the Chinese release (which even the Chinese players hated by the way) are on their way out. We didn’t ask for this and we don’t want it. This is MUCH MORE CONFUSING AND OVERWHELMING for the GW2 playerbase (which as Anet thinks is a bunch of window lickers).

But hey, at least we can level some characters until November 4th hits.

Right guys?

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Zerging is getting ridiculous

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Ok lol so I log in to the game patch day and already have the meta nearly completed. Why? Zerging. I log in hoping to explore the new patch having finished all the Halloween stuff and what do I see? Tons of commnders and a giant cluster of zerg in Kessex.

That’s really fun and engaging.

World v World should be renamed to “Who has the bigger zerg?”
Living Story should be “Zerg for achievement points every month”
Guild Wars 2 should be “Zerg Wars 2”
… you get the idea.

I mean really, can we expect to see anything else in the future that doesn’t just translate to “Here’s the next zerg for achievement points”? Because as I said, it’s getting out of control. This game is just zergs everywhere and it really takes away from the fun.

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Please give Fellblades the GW1 appearance

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EDIT #2: This is NOT a thread requesting we get any sort of runes, color, or colored runs on the HoM Fellblade skin – this is a thread requesting either the new smoke effect from Lord Taeres’s Shadow or the GW1 effect to be reimplemented on to GW2 Fellblades

That being said,

The attachment shows the difference between the original Fellblade from HoM and Fellblade 2.0 (Lord Taeres’s Shadow). Please for the love of all that’s holy apply the same new smoke effect to existing Fellblades from HoM.

As you can see, the old Fellblade has almost no noticeable effects. I took the screenshot for it when I saw that it was most prominent in the preview so I could accurately compare and that’s all I got. There are videos showing this as well.

So is there any chance we can update the Fellblades to share the same smoke effect or even get the old GW1 effect back? Preferably the GW1 effect.

Go ahead and take a look at the concept art or the GW1 version and then look at the Gw2 version.
“The Fellblade is a rare sword with black, shadowy clouds moving across it. It is one of the largest swords in the game. "

Even the concept art seems to have the GW1 affect of the shadowy clouds moving through the blade. So why did we end up getting such a plain weapon when the original was so epic?

Off topic but sort of related, when you transmute a Fellblade to an actual weapon, the icon changes into something way less epic than the actual Fellblade icon. Any chance that will ever be remedied as well?

Edit #1:
Youtube video showing the GW1 effects (GW2 video in Edit #3)
Edit #3:
Video showing the GW2 Fellblade comparing to the Fellblade 2.0


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Can we start getting announcements?

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Apparently there was a livestream set for noon PDT today. Apparently the announcement was plastered all over GW2 Facebook and Twitter. Can the people who don’t give in to social media sites start getting some news maybe on these forums? You know, the official game forums? Or maybe even on the launcher?

That’d be great. Thanks.

Daily Monthly Achivement Points Farm Capped

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The point of the AP reward system is in place because you can essentially earn infinite achievement points. They do this to allow for longevity and increased rewards the further you go. Obviously playing the game more is going to net you more rewards than if you play less.

I think it’s fine and off topic, I’d love to stop seeing the same thread with a different title.

Great job, ArenaNet <3

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This patch has restored some faith in what you are capable of as far as bringing fair fun to players. I’ll be quick about this thread, but I will include a list of all the things myself and my guild are absolutely loving about this recent patch.

— Logging in the first day of the event and seeing the mini pack there for free because we’ve spent money on gems. It shows you do actually care about us supporting you and a nice reward like that isn’t expected, but we do appreciate it and we love you more for it!

— The fact that you made two types of RNG boxes. Coffers and Rich Coffers. In the past, we’ve all hated the fact that the “cool stuff” was locked to cash shop RNG boxes. We love that you can now get just about everything by playing the game and spending time and not being FORCED to spend real money. Tons of us are college students, we appreciate this.

—The ability to salvage ecto to make dust. Dust has been a huge problem lately and the ability to salvage ecto has saved a great deal of us tons of gold that we would have otherwise needed to spend on dust. We’re aware this is just the first step in fixing the loot and drop problems, but it’s a good step towards good change.

—The holographic wings are not only tradable, but FARMABLE. Don’t want to risk your money (gold or cash) on coffers? That’s fine – just farm it out with candy. Or even better yet, buy them straight up on the TP from people who got one and don’t want one. This is great, especially since the prices are low enough to not be too far out of reach for most people.

All in all, the fact that it appears you guys are leaning away from locking cool things to RNG and making alternate avenues of acquisition to the cool items of events is a good thing. We like this, and because of this change, we like you more for it.

So please, PLEASE, bring this model to the future events. We want to put money into gems because we want to support you and get cool novelty items, not because we HAVE to in order to get cool event items.

I’ll end this hear, I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks of how the items are acquired this time around compared to previous events.

And once again, seriously, this is a step in the right direction ArenaNet. Keep doing events like this as far as RNG boxes and event items go. This is the RIGHT way to do it. Two versions of the boxes, things that aren’t account / soulbound (tickets excluded) that can be bought and sold, and things that we can actually farm towards for the duration of the event.

We look forward to more events like this in the future. Thank you.

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