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Another Patch of more PvP nerfs to PvE

in Guild Wars 2 Discussion

Posted by: Zenith.7301


Some day you’ll actually bother to split balancing for the kitten formats.

It’s a disgrace that weak elementalist shouts and mesmer’s already bottom tier DPS are getting nerfed just because of PvP.

Same goes for ranger, nerfing the one pet who doesn’t do absolutely non-competitive DPS.

You hired a raid team, why won’t you hire a PvE balance team, since it’s so obvious your current devs are focused on their beloved e-sports balancing at the expense of all other content?

30 trait points for a functioning projectile

in Profession Balance

Posted by: Zenith.7301


Really? Our Marksman Grandmaster is basically to allow rangers to hit targets with the reliability of warrior and engineer rifles or thief pistols?

The kitten arrows don’t even hit a sidestepping target beyond 600+ range. The velocity should be increased baseline.

It’s incredible that for 1.5 years, Rangers have been telling you that they suffer because all their traits/utilities/weapons need heavy point investment to even function, and you go ahead and waste a grandmaster trait slot on a fix that should be baked into the weapon instead of paid for.


Moreover, the power line grandmaster only covers the longbow, when bows are not used to begin with in most game formats?

Bows are of little worth in PvE, where melee weapons will always be favored over ranged ones. And in PvP bows are at a disadvantage because of their crappy defensive capabilities.

And the longbow and shortbow not only have a failure in hitting moving targets beyond 600+ range, but unlike the engineer rifle the arrows don’t even pierce baseline, which they should.

Rangers lack immensely in the aoe department. It’s that plus utility and their low innate base weapon damage and power scaling that has made them undesirable for any group content, especially WvW.

Why don't you just erase pets from this game.

in Queen's Jubilee

Posted by: Zenith.7301


From the encounter design it’s obvious with all the lethal one shot aoe fields that I’m going to have to do everything on my ranger with the pet dead most of the time.

It’s not amusing when your class mechanic is punished by the encounter design so consistently.

Leaked Notes: 900 range shortbow

in Ranger

Posted by: Zenith.7301


You don’t make longbow more viable by making shortbow crappier.