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Night monster in T1 EU

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I have proposed years ago that score each server ticks should be based on number of enemies on the map. No enemies = minimum score. Only 1 enemy server appearing = half the score. Full queue of 2 enemy servers = maximum score.

This would also help to reduce impact of nightcapping when there are no enemies around, you can still take objectives as easily as in any PvE map but you would not earn much points for them.

Same way, if primetime home borderland is totally painted to single color and there is huge blob killing few remaining enemies at their waypoint, this would gain very few points and add very little to the overall score.

I had a similar proposal:
Except when you are on your own BL (or own portion of the EB map), the tick resulting of a flipped target should be as follows:

  • 100% if the objective was capped when not outnumbering.
  • 80% if the objective was capped when outnumbering 2:1.
  • 50% if the objective was capped when outnumbering 3:1.
  • 0% if the objective was capped when outnumbering 4:1.

WvW experience and karma gained from these caps should work the same way.
BTW, when i speak about outnumbering, I’m speaking of outnumbering all the players on the BL, not just the ones rushing to defend the tower/keep: if they are effectively outnumbered because people are afking at spawn, then too bad.

So for example, let’s say you go on another BL and cap a tower while you outnumber the defenders by between 3:1 and then proceed to upgrade it all the way to T3, your ticks from T0 to T3 will be respectively 2, 3, 4, and 5 instead of 4, 6, 8, 10.
Now if you lose that tower, cap it back without outnumbering and upgrade it again to Y3, you’ll have the full ticks all the way until you lose it again (so respectively 4, 6, 8, 10).

Maybe that way PPT heavy servers such as BB or JS will try to improve their fighting skills in order to cover for the point loss, because lets be honest here: apart from a few guilds and commanders, these servers usually avoid fights if:

  • they don’t outnumber.
  • they are not covered by AC fire.
  • they are not double teaming.

An improvement of their fighting skills would be really nice because that way they would stop being boring servers in a match-up.

Quick/Easy improvements to WvW:

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Actually reward tracks was a trap, it makes players accept the Anet ktrain model and thus players feel rewarded by cap empty structures and have low effort rewards.

Too bad that “ktrain model” is the only thing that keeps up the WvW pace.

If the only thing that got you points was sitting in an objective, everyone would just AFK macro in an objective or sit on 20+ arrowcarts all day, whoever bunkers the best get the rewards.

Is that supposed to be better than objectives being fought over and flipped frequently?

If I wanted to just farm by sitting still I’d go put a minion master necro in bitterfrost or something.

Most of that “attitude” is done by PPT servers.
Don’t get me wrong: PPT is fine to help keep the score of each match-up but when you are in a match-up that puts you against a server that have a night blob, there starts the problem.

Usually the night blob flips everything easily and then start to bunker everything by adding so much sieges that a keep is extremely hard to take back.

When you are against that kind of server, the week is usually not so fun because most of these servers won’t really go in an open field fight unless they have a clear advantage (ACs from nearby towers or outnumber the enemy with something like 3 to 1).

This kind of situation is a poison to WvW as it unbalance completely a match-up and any player new to WvW will not come back. Imagine: they already have to learn WvW specific builds and fight mechanics and on top of that they have to do it under ACs fire?

The introduction of PPK in the score helped even out the difference between servers that like PPTing and those which prefers fights but being able to swarm a BL or EB without any possible resistance at all is still an imbalance.

I think it could be easily fixed: to the exception of your natural “territories” (own BL + own 1/3 of EB), any caps done while outnumbering the defenders will earn you reduced points.
By defenders i mean all the players on the map, not just in the keep/tower/camp that is being attacked (if they are enough to fight but don’t, is their problem).
The point reduction will depend of the ratio between attackers and defenders. for example:
- ratio > 2 : PPT earn by that keep/tower/camp is divided by 2
- ratio > 3 : PPT earn divided by 4
- ratio > 4 : no PPT earned

(Some other modifier/ratio could be introduced to avoid double teaming, although that would be tricky to define and implement.)

That way, I don’t think there would be a lot of PPT players willing to spend hours defending a keep or a tower when it brings you no (or severely reduced) advantages.

How's condi rev

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I love condi rev for WvW/PVP, I personally feel it’s amazingly strong due to the condi-fest meta, to add to that I find that lots of people don’t know how to handle condi rev as it’s not as common as power rev.

As Spartacus mentioned, I exclusively played condi rev to legend last season in solo q and it was a blast (except the last 2 tiers in diamond which I teamed up).

PVE: It’s great in open world PVE but not as great in group content if the enemies aren’t moving enough to proc that extra torment damage.

It is worth noting however that the build is very viable even in PVE group content and was actually used in [KING]’s 5 man Matthias:

Could you please share your WvW Build?
is it similar to your PvP one in terms of openers and skills usage?