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WvW Tourney and Customer Support

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solution is simple. you make the tickets you sent unspendable, and send right amount of new set of tickets to all players . only chance to do this is before people start spending tickets. please think fast about the solution

This is the best idea i have seen till now, please implement this.
Also DO NOT allow the NPC to give out the mistforged weapons until everyone have gotten their tickets.

Underworld & Fissure of Woe - True Endgame

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So as the topic states.

We would like Underworld & Fissure of Woe added to the game.

Similar to Guild wars1, We go in with a team of 5, have to complete several events.
Each quest will test the party’s ability in one way or the other.

This will be a great opportunity for the developers to show off their creative ability.
Heck, just take events from the first game and put it in.
I used to love those, keep the reapers if you like.

Drops: ALl mobs have a chance of dropping a glob of ectoplasm.
End chest – chance at precursor and new weps (Ghastly weps, just like the Ghastly grinning shield, but all weps have that cool looking animation)

“Fissure of Woe:”
Same deal, as guild wars 1, beat x amount of events and u get rewarded.

Drops: All mobs have a chance of dropping Obsidian shards(account bound ofc) – this gives an excellent alternate to Temple of Balth and you avoid the ridiculous conversion between fractal relics and shards.

End chest – chance at precursor and new weps (Chaos weps, just like the Chaos Axe from GW1 but instead now it’s not just limited to the axe)

Please add a “+1” more support we get, more likely they will add.