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Idea: Dungeon Vanquishes

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Posted by: Kain Francois.4328

Kain Francois.4328

(This idea is different than other Vanquishing threads, I promise!)

Ever wish you could just enjoy team combat in Dungeons? Tired of all the linear, SCRIPTED events inside Explorable dungeons and Fractals? I present to you: Vanquishing!

No locked doors, no gimmicks, no cutscenes, no stupid NPCs, no pre-determined, linear pathway, and NO SCRIPTED EVENTS! Just sweet, sweet combat and exploration.

Imagine you are thrown right inside the middle of Arah. EVERYTHING is opened up to you, your team can explore wherever they wish, and your only objective is to clear all the foes.

Just like in GW1, Vanquishing maps were wide and open. Teams could Vanquish wherever they want, and in any order they want.

Imagine guilds competing for the fastest times, as what would norally be a team of 5 spread to clear different areas of the map, with a team of 2 clearing one side, and a team of 3 clearing another.

Furthermore, imagine there were penalties for wiping. Imagine that if you were to wipe and fail a lot, you would be booted? Imagine if because of the risk, the rewards were worth the effort?

I think GW2 should borrow from Vanquishing in GW1, and adapt them into dungeon maps. Such a thing could only mean good for the end game.

- After clearing Story Mode, an option opens to create “Vanquishing Mode”.
- Rather than the normal entrance, you and your team are warped into the center of the dungeon map. There are no doors or scripted events to block your progress.

- Clear all foes.

- There are no waypoints. The only way to respawn is for your team to wipe.
- Reconnecting while others are in combat will spawn you dead.
- A player can wipe themselves by typing up /resign. However, doing so will accumulate death penalty.

Death Penalty and Motivational Boost:
- Each time your team wipes, you accumulate 2% death penalty, reducing all your stats by the percentage of death penalty. If your team exceeds 10% death penalty, you are kicked out.
- Killing foes reduces death penalty.
- Defeating a champion grants you 2% motivational boost, which buffs all stats by the percentage.
- In addition, killing a champion always reduces death penalty 2%.

- At the end of a Vanquish, an end boss appears. Defeat him, and earn your chest!

- 3 to 10 gold (depending on dungeon)
- Chance at exclusive weapon skins (Bone Dragon Staff, Silverwing Flatbow, Voltiac Spear, Eternal Blade, Obsidian Edge, etc…)
- Chance at Precursors (depending dungeon)
- Obsidian Shards
- Karma
- Black Lion Keys
- Ascended Weapons
- Ascended Armoor
- Dungeon Tokens

Vanquisher Title:
- Complete all Vanquisher dungeons to obtain Legendary Vanquisher of Dungeons title.

I’ve uploaded a small GW1-inspired infographic what Arah vanquishing could look like on the minimap.


Network Lag [Merged]

in Account & Technical Support

Posted by: Iverik.2738


Incredible skill delay happening on Tarnished Coast today. I assume it’s just going hand-in-hand with the attacks, but I figured I’d report it. The routing from EU-NA seems slow, too.

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— Anonymous

Idea for Precursor Crafting

in Crafting

Posted by: Tryxtr.6295


One major issue with Precursor crafting is Anet will be setting the market for the value of each precursor, based on the crafting recipes they implement.

Someone looking to craft Dusk should expect a huge grind that will take a lot of time and effort (and that’s perfectly understandable), but someone making The Bard should definitely not be subjected to the same grind since the current demand for The Bard is significantly lower than Dusk.

As of this posting The Bard is selling for 90g on the TP whereas Dusk is selling for 900g.

Nobody is sure if Anet is happy with the current precursor prices, so they may intentionally bring down the price of Dusk and other high-priced precursors, but bring up the prices of the cheaper ones like The Bard is tougher because if you make it too hard and expensive to craft The Bard, people will just buy it from the TP instead.

I think it’s important to make the crafting take a certain amount of time, just to provide a sense of accomplishment, but you can’t include too much monetary cost simply because of the huge discrepancy in price on the TP.

This is why I am suggesting the following:

1. Every Precursor should require the player to obtain all the dungeons Gifts, the Fractals Gift, and the WvW Gift. Allows for grind and a process that takes time, but involves no actual gold cost to the player.

- Gift of Ascalon and Gift of Baelfire should give you the “Gift of Flame”
– Gift of the Forgeman and Gift of Sanctuary should give you the “Gift of Ice”
– Gift of of the Nobleman, Gift of Thorns, and Gift of Knowledge should give you the “Gift of Excess”
– Gift of Zhaitan, Gift of Battle, and Gift of Ascension should give you the ’Gift of the Soldier"
* Putting all 4 of these newly created Gifts together should give you the “Gift of the Slayer”

2. Each precursor will have it’s own special Gift. ie “Gift of Dusk”, “Gift of Spark”, “Gift of The Lover”, etc. This is what allows for each precursor to cost whatever the developers want it to. Legendary crafting already has this step and precursor crafting should as well.

3a. Ascended weapon based on what you’re making. I like this idea in principle, however…. If you factor in the cost of leveling up crafting in a given discipline, it may no longer make sense. For example, The Bard can be bought from the TP for 90g. Making the ascended focus requires level 500 Artificing and it takes approximately 140g to craft Artificing from 0-500, plus then you’d still have to actually make the ascended focus. This presents a problem.

3b. Craftable exotic weapon that only needs level 400 crafting. They would have to introduce new weapons, recipes, etc for this, but it does make sense. This also lets them control the price of the precursor even further.

Once all this is done you should have to buy the necessary Precursor Crafting recipes and end up with:

1 Gift of the Slayer
1 Gift of Dusk
1 Crafted Exotic Greatsword

= Dusk


The option to tell npc's to "Wait here"

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Posted by: Dolan.3071


You’re joking right? I love dying to Ooze in Arah P1 when my F button prioritises spamming chat with Varra instead of picking up the Orb so I can teleport out.
Oh and you wanted that banner at your next encounter too? Here, have a dialogue box open in your face a thousand times instead.

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Dye Hair accessorites

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Posted by: ZachariahtheBullfrog.5302


I’m a cosmetic nut, and I would really like it if I could dye my hair accessories to match my armor dyes! Does anyone else agree?

Crafting recipes conundrum !!!

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Posted by: razn.7160


Those “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” are a pain to read…