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I think i hate this game

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Posted by: Knighthonor.4061


I also agree with the OP. Level experience is even worst now under the NPE and bores more of the avg MMO player. NPE only appeals to grindoholics

I think i hate this game

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Posted by: Sane.5072


I have one 29 Warrior and a 20 Elemental that i want to focus on. Map exploration is fine as i said if you like that kind of stuff but i prefer other ways of leveling.

PvP, WvW are both generally considered faster ways of levelling. Dungeons are very fast too.

You just need to get used to the game, as someone who has played tons of MMO’s to the point I couldn’te ven name them all…This one is 100% the easiest to level. People go 1-80 in one day (this isn’t by tomes of knowledge). I see how map exploration might not be yoru cup of tea, explore into other parts of the game in that case.

The New Dailies -- Feedback welcome

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Posted by: DavidH.7380


When one does dailies in PVE, one can do them without fear of a squad of enemy players leaping out of a bush, killing you, and telling you that your mother wears army boots, and you are such a sorry player you should just die, die, die….which I am told, happens in PVP, and WWW…something about making the player you are attacking mad enough that they will make mistakes…but still…

May happen in WvW, it’s very rare in PvP – most of the time you get bashed by your team mates in PvP – and I’ve yet to see bashing on the farming servers.

But – let’s get serious – how did people who are actually bothered by such behaviour survive school?

But, as I stated initially – it boils down to communication and many people I talked to who LOATHED WvW did the same … go solo, never ask questions, get killed by enemies … rage quit. For some reason many people do seem to have a communication problem .

Since the first quote made me think of school and the game at the same time, I realized there are a lot of similarities between how I behave in the game and how I behaved in school.

I am one of those people who sticks to Open world PvE as much as possible, loathes PvP, avoids grouping, never run a fractal or a dungeon, (4 level 80s and I don’t even know what a fractal is, honestly, other than it would require me to join a group), never joined a guild, is reluctant to use map chat, etc. I’m around, I like to see what is going on, I even enjoy interacting with other players in events and such when it is safe, but my primary concern when it comes to interacting with other players is making sure I don’t call attention to myself or affect their gameplay by making them teach me maps or mechanics, asking them questions, having to be rezzed, making them carry me through content, causing an event to fail or the group to wipe because I screwed up. It is more comfortable to be around but invisible than call attention to myself and risk becoming the target of hostility, criticism, and abuse.

I suppose in some ways we never really get past school.

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The New Dailies -- Feedback welcome

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Posted by: JRM.6218


My thumbs for PvE:

Event Completer: Down (event’s hunters).
Vista Viewer: Up (easy, awesome).
Daily gathering: Down (boring, decent reward although).
Daily Fractal: Up (full run, all tiers).
World bosses: Up (a limit of players would be great).
Daily Activity Participation: Down (not for me).
Daily Exotic Crafter: Up (good reward).
Daily Mystic Forger: Down (don’t play lottery).

The New Dailies -- Feedback welcome

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Posted by: Pulgogi.7619


What sucks about the PVE dailies is now I gotta go to specific areas to do 4 events, gather, kill a champ, etc.

Im still doing map completions, but now I gotta port to a 100% map to finish up a daily, when before I could work on a map AND finish dailies at the same time.

It’s nice that all you have to do is complete 3 dailies, but c’mon. What happened to “Complete 5 events” anywhere or “gather so-and-so” anywhere I want?

The New Dailies -- Feedback welcome

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Posted by: Syzygy.5031


“Play how you want” is long dead by the looks of it.

I used to be able to always get my daily just by doing the things I enjoyed. The daily pretty much always “just happened”

Now it seems I need to run around doing things I wouldn’t normally want to. Specific times, places and classes.

No matter, I just won’t be getting much more AP. I never put too much effort into chasing it before, unless 20 or so off a 1,000 boundary. I guess now that effort will be nil.

So I’m not too bothered by the change, after all. It does seem like every change you make makes the game weaker though.

Lion's arch in the personal story

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Posted by: Jade Arkadian.9280

Jade Arkadian.9280

I don’t think should be that way at all.

Instanced content should reflect how the zone was at the moment when the action took place.
Recycling current maps and zones is pretty convenient but i believe using a copy of the original Lion’s Arch for thoses instances is not out of question, right?

Anyway, a new player would probably think why the npc bother so much about an upcoming attack from Zhaitan’s minions on Lion’s Arch if the city is already ruined

Feeling dizzy and nauseous

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Posted by: sobe.4157


I would check out a 120Hz or 144Hz monitor, some people are sensitive to the eye strain that 60Hz causes in games, which in turn can cause slight headaches to migraines. Plus, 60Hz looks like crap in games anyway, so nice little upgrade unless your vid card is a budget card.

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Victory or Death hard to complete

in Personal Story

Posted by: Rhaegar.1203


Personal story. Meaning personal. Meaning MY story. Why do I then have to group with FOUR other people to complete MY story?

This aspect of the game has massively disappointed me since I came across it the other week. I don’t even want to bother with the personal stories of my other characters now, knowing I’m unlikely to be able to complete it without help, frustrating PUGs, or joining a different guild. As I’m not into dungeons (in fact I absolutely hate them and am sad they were even introduced into GW at all), I can’t see me ever fully completing a game that I otherwise adore

Please, give us loners, dungeon dislikers, and PUG haters a chance. Give as a afew henchies for the story mode dungeon?

You’d be better suited to a single-player RPG, then. Plenty of them are around and waiting for one so passionate as yourself. MMOs clearly aren’t for you if you hate contact and cooperation with other players.

…Secondly, how can you ‘adore’ a game if all it has done is ‘massively disappoint’ you? This relationship is getting strange very, very quickly.

It’s the way the game was marketed. I personally do NOT have any problem in grouping with people, I think it is fun. But when the devs make it so Dungeons are OPTIONAL to the story, and PS instances which can be soloed are the way to advance the plot, and in the end throw away those rules, it’s a problem.

I have a guild with very nice people. But most of them are not encourgaed by in game rewards to do Arah Story mode (Cause the dungeon is no even fun). Same goes for some paths in Dungeons. I’ve had CoF P2 sitting for way too long, but everytime I try, people are like “No, P1 is faster”.

Victory or Death hard to complete

in Personal Story

Posted by: Amanda Whitemoon.6173

Amanda Whitemoon.6173

personally i think the story mode dungeons should be like the personal story misions, not only Arah has this problem, all storymode dungeons have it.

Major Latency Problems today

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Posted by: Shift Focus.9083

Shift Focus.9083

Then there has to be something wrong on Arena net’s end, or NCsoft’s end, whoever is hosting the servers.

Major Latency Problems today

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Posted by: darksome.1697


It’s not just comcast, or time-warner. I’m in Sweden and we don’t even have those ISPs here and I get the same thing since the june 3rd patch.

Guild Wars 2 is currently unplayable

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Posted by: Face.6534


The past few days have been nothing but frustration trying to log in and get anything from 1 second to 5 minutes of uninterrupted game play. The game consistently seizes and my skill bar’s activated skills just blink when clicked with no response. This is shortly followed by a kick to the character select screen if not an outright crash. I understand that ANet is working on this issue judging by other similar forum posts with seemingly identical problems and received error codes. If i didn’t have a hectic work schedule that only allows limited time to enjoy GW2 at odd hours this wouldn’t be an issue. I simply want feedback on what’s being done to fix this issue even if a time frame isn’t feasible at this time.

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Network Lag [Merged]

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Posted by: msalakka.4653


I don’t understand, what is the point of this thread? There have been no dev responses or fixes for the last few months…

To get us all to post in one single thread, which makes it easier to moderate, easier to ignore, and subsequently doesn’t make the game look as uninviting to prospective players since the tech support forum is not littered with network lag threads.

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Network Lag [Merged]

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Posted by: Maat.2065


Yeah, I’ve been getting lag over in TC since the MegaServer roll out. This isn’t just a little 2 second lag, but sometimes up to a minute. At times I can go a whole hour without experiencing lag, but then other times I’m getting severe lag every five minutes. The game is nearly unplayable for me at this point.

Network Lag [Merged]

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Posted by: Hotdogs.8934


I’m from australia and getting lagspikes of 5-30 seconds or dropping in spvp which makes it impossible to play properly, so im quitting. I’m guessing its caused by megaserver. It seems to be getting worse over time, I used to get them occassionally now it happens multiple times every match.

Network Lag [Merged]

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Posted by: moxx.4629


Becose of lag and disconects, I can’t play pvp,wvw nor dungeons. I’m tired of starting something and crashing so often. Do something.

Network Lag [Merged]

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Posted by: Skribulous.3521


Still happening for me here. Game is downright unplayable right now.

Network Lag [Merged]

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Posted by: Vetrie.7804


OMG unplayable atm…

Latest Patch caused mjor lagg?

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Posted by: Stan FreyJoy.6105

Stan FreyJoy.6105

It’s not just you. I can’t play at all with all this lag.

Game Updates: World Boss Synchronization

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Posted by: DavidH.7380


Personally, I’m doing WAY more boss fights than ever before since I know exactly when and where to be for the event starts and there are always more than enough people participating in the events.

However, the 8 hour spread on the mega-bosses is just horrible unless you are unemployed or a kid on summer vacation from school. You only get rewards once a day, so what possible harm could there be in letting the mega bosses run in rotation every hour, hour and a half, or two hours?

Game Updates: World Boss Synchronization

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Posted by: Reyo.4738


I have already quit playing because of it. Still no response from the developers I see. Keeping an eye on the forums.

Unable to log into account

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Posted by: gassy.8975


He, not you, should file a ticket with support and provide as much info as possible. There is a stickied thread in the accounts forum that you can view to tell him what info he needs to put in the ticket:

But before he does that, he should check his spam folder to make sure the emails didn’t go there. I also suggest he go to the account info page at to make sure the email address that shows is correct.

Victory or Death: What a pathetic ending...

in Personal Story

Posted by: Dante.1508


You guys can gloss it over all you like…but it’s still standing at a sparkle gun…Pressing 2 repeatedly until king kong Zaitan falls off the building…

Got to say the most lackluster ending i’ve ever witnessed… I Agree with above posters Guildwars 1 endings were far far better..

Can't access my account.

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Posted by: Inculpatus cedo.9234

Inculpatus cedo.9234

I have not gotten on guild wars 2 in almost 2 months so I have forgotten my password. In order to reset your password you need provide your serial code, But the email that contained the serial code is no longer in my email. I can provide everything, Email, ingame name or anything else. I just dont know what my password is.

If you can log into the forums, your browser must have your password saved. You might look in your browser’s tools, and find your saved password there. =)

Security Advancements and Reinstatements

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Posted by: EnemyCrusher.7324


This sounds like a rare but long-standing bug that was only revealed because of so many people doing Goemm’s Lab for the Aetherblade Cache. I hope any players that were wrongfully banned even before the Aetherblade update get reinstated too.

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Security Advancements and Reinstatements

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Posted by: Brutal Arts.6307

Brutal Arts.6307

The automated form letter your support sends out is simply put, incredibly rude. Perhaps you should fix your poor detection system and update your automated responses language. It’s frankly disgusting.

You have gotten what you paid for, all that remains is biweekly gemshop pushing.

Security Advancements and Reinstatements

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Posted by: Kashrlyyk.5364


Yes, and that is our intention and our goal, every single day.

We do know how sad this situation made people…

People playing this game does include 12 year old children, people suffering from depression and/or people having low self esteem. And your support team sends out messages like this:

We have complete confidence in our detection and in our decision to terminate the account. Therefore, we will not accept an appeal in relation to this account termination.

The decision to terminate the account is final. This decision has been thoroughly reviewed by our team, and we maintain absolute confidence in our conclusion.

The account will remain permanently closed and is not eligible for reactivation under any circumstances.

What is that? You didn’t know that people playing this game might have those diseases? THAT IS EXACTLY THE REASON WHY YOU HAVE TO BE NICE TO PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET!

You can’t defend yourself in court with “If I had known he has a weak heart I wouldn’t have jumped out of a bush screaming ‘boo’.”. The fact that you DON’T know that is the reason you should not have jumped out of the bush.

However, even while considering those players (whose numbers were modest) first, we also should look at the removal of 10,000 (!) exploiters, cheaters, and botters and remember that the game is better for a higher level of diligence against those who breach the User Agreement.

The ONLY reason in my view for a permanent account ban is anything that makes ANOTHER player loose items or characters. Apart from that there is nothing that warrants a permanent ban.
You could deactivate mining for resource node hoppers or chat for people posting racist comments.

Because a permanent ban means you take away REAL money from people and I am sure there are people getting wrongly accused and permanently banned and they DON’T get there accounts reactivated because of another of your errors or because of your disheartening and disgusting email.

Also the fact that someone on reddit HAD to inform “Better Business Bureau” BEFORE ANet or you replied is extremely worrying.

Isn’t this part of your “Terms of Use”:

Do not debate Customer Support decisions or actions. Threads or posts designed to announce, appeal, or contest your own or another player’s suspension or account termination—be it forum or game account—will be removed without notice."

That’s the level of transparency you have in your rules. BTW it was “ArenaNetSupportTeam” that suggested on Reddit to break that rule.

Party at the End!

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Posted by: TheMagickDoll.7594


The party at the end, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed talking to the NPCs.. loved the ending music. Loved the surprise Wozmack the Wonderful at the end. (Now I know where he disappeared to after the noble party.) And thank you for the dancing Moa troupe. I actually teared a little now that epic journey is at the end. I have seen the creative work put into all of this and its beauty. While I am critical in my other posts about certain things (mainly the kitten weapon tickets behind the scam boxes or the “stupid box” since most people feel stupid spending money on the worthless things but that is for the other hundred threads that haven’t been responded to at all), I dearly enjoyed the ending party instance. In the spirit of Douglas Adams.. so long and thanks for all the Moas.