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[Music Album] Class Themes for all 10 classes

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Nick Kaedalus.9526

Wait… 0?

I put in $1.00 for the download. That may not seem a lot to you, guys, but I’m insanely poor, and struggling to get a job.

I don’t know about other people, but it surely means a lot to me. Thank you so very much for that! It made my day.

I wish you the best of luck in finding a new job, and I hope it will be one that you enjoy.

[Music Album] Class Themes for all 10 classes

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Posted by: Nick Kaedalus.9526

Nick Kaedalus.9526


I’ve been slowly working on a theme inspired by each and every class on Guild Wars 2, and it’s finally complete.

Full album on YouTube

The download is available for free on BandCamp through the link, you just have to input zero as the price.

Mordrem Invasion: Share Your Shots!

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Nick Kaedalus.9526

Securing my spot!! C:

are guardians threatened by reves?

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Nick Kaedalus.9526

I ended up here because I had that same concern and decided to google it. I’ve been playing a Guardian since betas and still main it, love playing tanky-supporty builds, and Raids to me sounded like “You waited 3 years for them to acknowledge you as a tank. Your time has come”

Then I was playing with 4 guildies today, and decided to pick up the Herald. Perma-swiftness to the whole party while traveling? Perma-regen, fury AND might during combat? Protection when necessary, with -40% damage to top it off? We all agreed that I should retire my Guardian, hahahah.

Still, it made me scared that they might just be a better version of us.

inb4 ANet manages to end the endless queues waiting for healers; replaces it with endless queues waiting for Heralds.

[Daredevil] - Feedback

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Posted by: Nick Kaedalus.9526

Nick Kaedalus.9526

First of all, I’d like to say that I love the concept of the Daredevil. The Bo Staff is my favorite martial arts weapon, the concept of throwing punches, kicks, combos and counters during a fight is very exciting (especially in GW2), and I always loved the frenetic no-stealth flashy acrobatic gameplay of a D/D trickery Thief.

It should come as no surprise that the Daredevil instantly made me fall in love. I definitely want to main a Daredevil, and so I’ll list everything I noticed that about it that made me feel sad – as in it was so good in theory, but not so much in practice.

All the dodges had me so excited! The animations looked great, and they all seemed so useful! But then, I tried them, and they all felt slow and clunky. The real problem is, they break the flow. It has a wind-up before going out, then the animation, and you’re frozen for some time after it ends. Why have dodges with cast times/channeling?

Impaling Lotus – This one is interesting: you can dodge while dodging. If you spam the dodge button, you’ll end up doing another dodge during the dodge, thus climbing higher and wasting more endurance. It’s one for the price of two! (This was still the most responsive dodge for me, probably because it has no chanelling. Also, it uses one initiative in combat. I believe it’s a bug.)

Dash – Feels more like a “run away”, disengage-ish dodge. If you miss the direction, you can screw yourself so easily… My suggestion would be to let us change direction during this one, even if slowly (after all, you’re running like a madman). By the way, he seems to be holding the weapon, but it disappears.

Bound – My favorite before using it. Couldn’t do it. You’ll NEVER land this on your opponent. I get it, maybe it’s more of an anti-zerg dodge or something – but in a 1v1 situation, whichever way you dodge, you won’t hit the person you’re fighting. Plus, you are stuck in place. It doesn’t seem to travel the 300 distance.

Finally, I feel the 3 bars end up effectively as one extra dodge per fight. It feels like it recharges slowly, and the signet that “refills” your endurance actually only fills two thirds of it. Even with the staff endurance regeneration trait it still didn’t feel right. I believe it’s because I didn’t manage to use the dodges effectively during combat, as they’d just put me out of range, having to run back into the fight and eating up all the damage as I do it (or use an extra dodge to get back in).

Physical Skills:
Love them! But I have some small gripes with each one, hahah. Hope you’ll bear with me for a little longer.

Fist Flurry – kitten , this one’s exciting! Beat up your opponent with many punches, and you have 5 seconds to follow up with a finishing blow! This works well as a combo skill. But the animation made me sad… I was playing on a Human, and it looks like the kitten has no idea how to throw a punch. He curls his wrists inward and wiggles his bent arms at the enemy. Why not some straight punches? The palm strike looks great, though – just wish it had a bit more impact.

Bandit’s Defense – Great skill. The animation looks great too, except for one detail – it instantly snaps back to the idle pose in the end.

Impairing Daggers – Why does this use initiative?

Distracting Daggers – I found it unusable, due to having to take a long time to equip it, then not having enough time to wait for the right move to use it on.

Impact Strike – Why is this a combo skill? You have less than a second to use the next one. Basically a skill that you need to spam the button to use. You can’t time it differently, like you can with Fist Flurry.

Channeled Vigor – …this came out of nowhere, right? It has nothing to do with the rest of the theme. Heck, it’s just Guardian’s Empower animation (which I really dislike on the male Human, but that’s my opinion). The skill itself, I felt was good, but the rest of it made me forget about the effect… :c

Why that recycled pose? It had so much potential! Why not have this ( as the idle stance? I’d love it right away if it was the case.

Gameplay-wise, I actually liked the staff, though I feel it could be a bit faster. After playing for about an hour only using staff, I switched to dagger/dagger and it felt like I had quickness. Still, I agree that it doesn’t provide the frontliner sustain that the class promised.

To sum it up my impression of the Daredevil in a word, I’d use rushed. Most of the animations are recycled, and one of it’s core mechanics feels very clunky. But mainly, it was the animations that let me down. It seems to me you guys are struggling with the release date, not being able to do it all, and just putting out whatever is at hand. If that’s the case, I wish you had waited longer to reveal it, or gone for a later date. For the first time in all these years, I felt like someone there didn’t care about what they were doing, like we’d just accept whatever was thrown out, and it was very sad. :/

Again, I loved the Daredevil’s concept, and I’m saying all this because I want it to be a great class (it made me want to main a Thief after 3 years of being a bunker-style Guardian!). I hope you’ll get it right by October 23. (Also, I had a blast using Aureate staff and pretending I had a spear!)

Cheers from a faithful player! (Get it? Get it? c:)

P.S. – Loved the sound effects on the skills!


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Guilds: Activate Recruit Mode!

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Posted by: Nick Kaedalus.9526

Nick Kaedalus.9526

Saudações brasileiros!! Somos a Dragonbrand Heroes [DH]. Prezamos por um jogo limpo e de qualidade a todos, e estamos em um esforço constante para tornar o conteúdo do Guild Wars 2 acessível aos jogadores do nosso país.

Somos uma guilda de todos os estilos de jogo, PvE, PvP, dungeons, enfim, temos todos os tipos de atividades. Não possuímos servidor principal, pois o Megaserver permite que todos joguem juntos, independente disto, porém, se desejar, começamos no servidor Dragonbrand. A maior atividade da guilda ocorre no período da noite, e temos um calendário de atividades acontecendo semanalmente.

Temos diversas iniciativas para ajudar e trazer reconhecimento à comunidade brasileira de Guild Wars 2, como Podcasts (o NPC), Guias para jogadores de todos os níveis, Streams e notícias traduzindo em primeira mão todas as novidades, etc.

Todos podem participar, desde que possuam boa conduta e sejam amigáveis, e aqueles que desejarem também podem se aplicar para um cargo na guilda, e ajudar-nos a aprimorar a experiência de jogo para todos.

Se deseja tornar-se um herói ou conhecer nossas propostas, basta acessar nosso site (, ou entrar em contato in-game com Nickolas.

Força, Lealdade e Honra!!


Greetings!! We are Dragonbrand Heroes [DH]. We value a clean and quality game experience for all, and are on a constant effort to make the Guild Wars 2 content acessible to players from our country.

We are a guild that does it all, PvE, PvP, dungeons, anyway, we have all kinds of activities. There’s no main server, as the Megaserver system allows everyone to play together, regardless of that, though, if you wish, the guild began in the Dragonbrand server. The guild is most active at night, and we have a calendar of weekly activities.

We have various initiatives to help and bring recognition to the brazilian Guild Wars 2 community, including Podcasts, Guides to help players in all levels of play, Streams and news translating in first hand everything that’s new about the game, etc.

Everyone can join, as long as they behave properly and are friendly, and those who wish may also apply for a role in the guild, and help us enhance the game experience for all.

If you wish to become a hero or to know our work, you can go to our site (, or contact me in-game: Nickolas.

Strength, Loyalty and Honor!!


Warrior Theme Music: King of the Arena

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Nick Kaedalus.9526

Hey everyone? I composed a theme song inspired by and for the Warrior class.

Listen to it here? C:

I worked it based on two concepts: first, the Warrior’s Adrenalin, which increases as the battle progresses, and culminates on the powerful burst skill; and second, on the idea of it being the best physical brawler of all classes, and thus the cheering in the start, as if he was a wrestling star, hahah.

I have plans on working out a “theme song” for each of the classes in the game, each in it’s own genre. Warrior’s the heaviest of them all, and thus I went for a more “raw” approach with the heavy distorted guitar, bass and drums. Please tell me what you think?

Every piece matters - missing suspect

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Nick Kaedalus.9526

Same problem with Kasparak here. Glad to know I’m not the only one.
Server is Dragonbrand.