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3 loading screens getting back to airship? :/

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Posted by: Donari.5237


For your latter question: Talk to the helmswoman (inside towards the prow, near the jewelcrafting skritt). One click on her dialogue options sends you to the front gate of the city requested.

Reward for watching the Tourney?

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Posted by: Allie Murdock

Allie Murdock

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Reward for watching the Tourney?

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Posted by: Thedenofsin.7340


No, you heard correctly. There will be prizes just for watching.

So if you tune in and watch, basically you’re odds are about 1 in 10 of winning a precursor.

Duplicate Item Names (not duplicates)

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Posted by: hurlockbr.4573


Well, the item name is usually composed by 3 main words, the first one is the stats of the item, the second one is for the item skin and the third is for the sigil/rune.

For example:
Strong Swindler Coat of the Citadel
Ravaging Swindler Coat of Hoelbrak

They both look the same, but the strong/ravaging means they have different status and the Citadel/Hoelbrak tells wich rune they have on it.

Sorry for my english, i hope i was clear enough

Trading Post Armor Type Filter

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Posted by: sgthunter.7894



Ever since the beta I have been bugged by the trading post showing me all types of armors when I am only able to wear one type. Its kind of pointless to have it show Medium and Heavy Armor when I only use Light Armor for example.

So suggestion is to add in to the filter the ability to only show one type of armor.

Thanks for reading.

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Open all option for stacked "Package" items

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Posted by: lordkrall.7241


I doubt they would add something like this, since it would make it faster/easier for botters and goldsellers.

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