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Anet's stance regarding to WvW spying ?

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Posted by: Aveneo.2068


ANet doesn’t care, so long as people buy the next shiny thing in the gemstore.

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Community Engagement

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Posted by: styx.7294


Alright, I’m a paying customer. I bought the game and I’ve bought from the gem store (with gold as well as dollars). My last dollar purchase was 800 gems for the guild finisher. So recent enough. My point is I’m not someone who hasn’t played the game for 6 months and only comes to whine. I’m active, paying, engaged.

I will use the sPvP forums as an example but this isn’t about whining or being jealous. This is about illustrating what sort of service I am expecting and not getting.

It’s easy to bring up how many dev posts there are in sPvP front page (at all times) compared to WvW forums. It’s kittening shameful.

More specific example. This Friday a blog post was revealed for a sPvP feature. People had concerns and how fast were their concerns answered even before that blog post happened? There were even posts before even the blog post letting people know whether it will address their concerns.

“I’ll put down the rumors right now: This is not Gw1 Templates.

Watch this Friday’s Ready Up to learn more!"

As soon as the blog post was up, a dev started a post to talk about it in the sPvP forum (

That’s engagement and that’s service.

What’s it like on the WvW forums? No talk about what’s happenin with WXP account bound since February. No follow up discussion or whatever.

Instead people on the WvW forums are digging up threads from a thousand years ago (6+ months) about WXP account bound and other things (commander functionality!) because that’s all the dev talk there is.

It’s gotten really pathetic and sad here.

Look at this thread! It’s 7 months old, wasn’t even 2 pages, but still got dug up and started a conversation about commander tags because Devon posted in it. That’s the state of engagement we have.

I get different people have different personalities. If Devon Carter isn’t big on posting, that’s fine, that’s not a fault.

What is a fault is that you haven’t gone and hired someone to start posting in here instead. Hire someone already!

I know it’s not super exciting sayin “We’re workin on that but can’t reveal anything” or “We’re not working on that but we can consider it” but it beats this mess.

Besides, there are things to talk about. We had a whole huge thread about transfer fees and population balance. Where’s the follow up on that? Did this create different trajectories of transfer before or after? What are commander tags doin? Are more WXP abilities coming? Do you think people get through gates too fast? Are you looking at lifting the AoE cap or is it still off the books (just keep telling us the state of these things, the game is ongoing and new people want to know!).


I figured I’d put this up here so that other people can vent too, haha. Hope it doesn’t get deleted! If I can’t communicate to a company through their forums, I dunno what!

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What class/build against thiefs solo roaming?

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Posted by: urieldhynne.2743


I just have difficulty killing them before they “poof” away. Maybe it’s a L2P issue =D

Is not a l2p issue. Is a design issue.

The l2p is the excuse of thieves to justify a broken mechanic.

Free transfers ruined wvw seasons

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Posted by: Ra Ra.9423

Ra Ra.9423

I’m not going so far as to say free transfers ‘ruined WvW’. Our server, DH, certainly lost some experienced players and commanders, and we’re working with those changes. Lord knows, I got a bit teary on hearing we’d lost some of our team, but that’s the way it works. People need to be in the type of gaming community they prefer.

My request/suggestion, if anet has good reason for these transfers, is to have these types of transfers available for a short time AFTER a tournament. Really! Do you think it would be acceptable if two weeks before the big tournament the NCAA or any sport association said ‘ok kids, go to any team you want to now?’ WvW is a gaming community, and as such the players do develop a sense of knowing how their server plays, communicates, and their strengths.

A transfer time right before the tournament allows no time for recovery by servers. Either to fill the gaps left by those who transferred, or absorb and learn team work with the new players/guilds received. So the tournament is not really a true test of servers abilities because of this.

I’m fiercely loyal to DH and will stick with them, sink or swim. There’s some great folks and good players, and I’ll continue to enjoy being a part of the DH world.

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Fun in Darkhaven Last Night

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Posted by: Kayzi.9752


Hay I can enjoy a stress-free goodfightz lifestyle without spending 100+ gold on transfer fees and guild hopping when that didn’t work out… care to join me, the detoxifying sea mud facial Darkhaven Spa Special is next. Up next, bubble baths with [holy] and fish pedicure courtesy of [SPCA].[/quote]

Good, because I could so use a bubble bath right about now. Not so sure about the fish pedicure, though.

Eh, what the heck you only live once.

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Fun in Darkhaven Last Night

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Posted by: Tuluum.9638


Darkhaven is the bestest, and all other servers smell funny.


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Discussion: Downed/dead state and zerging

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Posted by: Dee Jay.2460

Dee Jay.2460


In PvE:

Ok, obviously mobs don’t care if a party is suddenly rallied so there’s no real problem here. Since it can only really affect 5 people there’s a limit to the snowballing too.

My only frustration with it in PvE is that it encourages you, should you be at low health, to not “finish” your current opponent and instead wait to down and then use the mob to rally yourself.

This is completely counter-intuitive and nonsensical really, but that’s how the mechanic works. Fighting 2 mobs, better not kill the first one until after I’ve downed so I can abuse the rally…

In WvW

Small scale roaming: This is where downed-state feels the most frustrating as it is a huge snowballing mechanic. For every 100 times I’ve failed because I couldn’t finish off someone I may have had a “come back” once. All downed-state does is give the already larger group more and more fail-safe options their opponents have to overcome.

Any uphill battle is made a dozen times harder because of downed-state, especially when you account for various downed-state abilities. When fighting 3 vs. 1 you can’t afford to waste valuable cooldowns to secure stomps but this game forced you to.

Zerg battles – In Zerg fights the actual downed-state is mostly ignored. But here Rally becomes a huge issue and just feels completely random and contrived. You can be at 1% downed-health and then suddenly get rallied because….well someone you damage somewhere obviously died just in time. But it’s just pure luck, there’s nothing skillful about it.

And then there’s the snowballing aspect to it. You have a bigger force? Well no need to revive because your team-mates will all be rallied while you roll over your opposition. That’s why you never see anything like “a close victory” in GW2. One side always steamrolls the other, even if people do go down during the fights. They just all get rallied eventually. You simply don’t have a 50 vs. 50 fight with 15 survivors.

The only time it doesn’t work in favor of the larger group is when you have lots of glassy classes, typically casual players. You will hate them more for playing DPS builds because they rally your enemy.

In sPvP

This is where I find downed-state the least offensive. But that’s because fights are typically fairly even and there is a certain risk/reward attached to reviving someone mid-fight.

I wouldn’t say the game is in any way better because of it, but at least it isn’t outright hurting the game. I do however find it extremely cheesy how a Bunker Guardian can safe-revive allies with little to no risk to himself.


A slightly different matter is resurrecting dead players. I see no good reason why this should be allowed mid-combat. Stuff like this should be reserved for “out of combat” only. This applies to PvE as much as it applies to PvP or WvW.


Downed-State in its current incarnation is the most extreme example of a snowballing mechanic I have ever witnessed in a game and hurts otherwise positive aspects of the game like WvW. It limits skillful play of solo-roamers, it’s snowballing in Zergs, it’s completely random in large-scale fights and doesn’t have any semblance of skill.

And worst of all it’s not actually fun either. Being in downed-state is not fun. Using the same downed-abilities every time is not fun. Going through the same notions for every stomp is not fun. Having to experience the same humiliating stomp animation is not fun. Being left to “bleed out” in sPvP is not fun. Nothing about downed-state is fun or compelling in any way, shape or form.

However it doesn’t have to be this way.

These steps would allow it to continue to exist as a mechanic without many of the aforementioned down-sides.

  • Only stomps Rally players.
  • Only 1 Rally per stomp.
  • Every downed-denier needs a counter (currently Eles have none)
  • No more resurrecting defeated players in combat.
  • Faster stomping (2 seconds) and/or slower reviving by allied players.

This would have very little effect on PvE as there aren’t many situations where you need to rally more than one players. It would limit the snowballing effect during zerg fights and give solo-roamers more of and edge when fighting multiple enemies.

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Said no WvW player ever

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Posted by: fett.9573


“Anet is putting alot of effort into making wvw better”

Best Guilds NA/EU

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Posted by: styx.7294


I think the best guilds are the ones that stay on their server and help run it. No one writes songs about the guilds that put up websites, resolve drama, host TS, lead events but I think that’s the hard thing ’cause you have to keep showing up and fighting when things are actually tough.

It’s pretty hard to to make things work with people who aren’t in your guild ‘cause ultimately all you have in common with them is that you connect to the same server in the login screen. It’s more about reachin out and workin with people who may not share your common goals and that can lead to all sorts of challenges.

Guilds like that make the servers.

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WvW deing in your server?

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Posted by: KDXX.9520


A lot of things are killing WvW in general.
-Same Maps
-A refusal to address PPT, Zerg, and Class Balence Issues.
-An artificial bloat in server populations, i.e. mercenary guilds.
-As a result of the above, the general sense that money > skill. Spend money, buy Gems, convert to Gold, Buy Guilds, get 24/7 coverage, win.

What is the POINT of the Edge of the Mists map? Most of the time there aren’t any queues anyway. The only people who will be on that map will be players from the artificially bloated servers.

Back when Anet announce it’s 2 week update schedule, I said to myself “this won’t end well. They’ll get so caught up in releasing on time, that they’ll stop quality checking, or backtracking. Also gold inflation’s going to skyrocket.”

Guess what. Both things happened. Hopefully the Wintersday hiatus that Anet has taken is because they realized things were going too fast.

I can’t speak for everyone, but me, I bought this game because it wasn’t “just another pay to win, problems are ignored.” MMO. And Anet appeared to me to be a company that actually cared more about the quality of their product than the money it generated.

I have for the longest time been really unshakable in my determination to believe in Anet. But with the way they’re letting WvW languish, and their apparent refusal to seriously address it’s problems. Well…I think my Stability buff just ran out.

WvW deing in your server?

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Posted by: urieldhynne.2743


The game is dying, a lot of friends leave because they are boring of it, i think the season 1 was the last try to a a lot of wvw players.

I see in this postseason a lot of guilds dying in WvW. Mostly by wvw inactivity and the lack of this game to give endgame objectives to the players.

You do wvw, for what? for winning a match/week? for climbing a position in a useless ranking? There is no point at all to really play wvw, only the love for pvp and fight. Arenanet fail in the endgame content of this game. Ignoring always what the community ask for or wanted.

The ppl is getting bored, is the natural way when you do what arenanet did.

Warrior = Usain Bolt?

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Posted by: ChapDev.7650


I was thinking about this and I came to recall that Ride the Lightning for the Elementalist received a nerf of sorts for this kind of thing right?

If I remember correct Elementalist had Ride the Lightning changed so that the cool down on the ability increased if it does not hit a target? Now i’ve never really played a Warrior but would a similar nerf to some of their skills solve this problem without to much fuss?

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You've done these things if you're an ele

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Posted by: Leuca.5732


-raged every “balancing” patch since release

yep…except some of the staff QoL improvements that did basically nothing

We can finally cast Healing Rain while moving you ungrateful wretch. Be thankful you even get a staff.

gf left me coz of ladderboard

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Posted by: mighty meak.6387

mighty meak.6387

OK gusie listen
im decent pvp
but my gf left me
coz of lederborsd
i mean W T F
i enter new leaderrbord after reset
and i say i am decent
i adapt
i see no gaurd so i think ok go gaurd
i go imba heal guard
adn i am gona mid
and i heal and i heal and i heal moar
but w t f
i am alone
no one helps no loves
i die no win
next game i say ho ho ho no guard no gaurd at all i go imba power crit wahtever
but guy at srat say ok gusy lisen plan
1 close 1 animal 1 far rest mid
ok ok i say i am mid coz far is noob
burt map say i am 1 mid rest animal no close no far
and i die hard lol
then enters next
and i say lol i know now i follow plan noooobs
w t f skyham
i change imba engi canon trololol
so caanon here i comes
1 mesmer hiding and pul no prob i push and push broken glass canon all mine
i shoot a shoot b shoot c
w t f
non see abc
they all canon gate coz it causy no push nothing just fight fight fight
chase chase chse
i say go b go a and go c
all say lol noob u here for golds
gf now half interest
i say ok lissen good i win next i go up 90%
but i dont
all ranks 10 for goold
next is same and next
70% and down
ranks down too
i go guard i am mad no guard love
i go engi bunker power right no nothing
i do ele i go war ooops w t f war nerfes
69% and down
gf dont impresss say she leaving now
all is vain

WvW matchup forum being wiped

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Posted by: titanlectro.5029


It is so ironic that Birdsong (on a new account) started this thread…

The obvious solution has been ignored by all the people campaigning for the freedom to troll. Ban trolls from the match-up subforum. Stop messing around with warnings and removing signatures and crap. If you don’t want the forum to be toxic, don’t tolerate trolling.

First Troll: Banned from match-up subforum for 1 day
Second Troll: Banned from match-up subforum for 3 days
Third Troll: Banned from match-up subforum for 1 week
Fourth Troll: Banned from match-up subforum for 4 weeks
Fifth Troll: Banned from match-up subforum permanently

This way, the match-up threads don’t become a toxic cesspool. The bans are not forum wide, but merely removing people from the match-up threads who cannot speak respectfully to their opponents. Why should we let the minority ruin it for the rest of us?

Now the match-up threads will move to another site, and probably an unmoderated site, because that is what all the troll champions want. The match-up threads will be infinitely more toxic than they are now, and that toxicity might start to seep over into WvW itself, infecting the community and not just some threads.

I think it would be far better for Anet to retain control of the match-up threads, and use that control to remove trolls from the conversation. Instead they are letting the trolls win…

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WvW matchup forum being wiped

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Posted by: somsom.5201


The moderator “team” here is simply overboard with their actions. It isn’t new and this change honestly doesn’t surprise me. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get infracted for this post, solely because it’s taking a “critical” tone.

If you remove the WvW matchups you are effectively killing off the vast majority of the WvW section of this forum. Do you honestly expect people, people who are already disillusioned with this game, to just move off-site and start their own forum for this?

Give me a break: either use your forums or don’t. Quit acting like WE are to blame. AFAIK, no one in those forum discussions got IRL kitten over ANYTHING. Instead, it was the mods who consistently blew everything up and got things heated with constant edits and removals.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the General Discussion section was next. Hell, you guys should really delete that CDI post due to all the “heated” discussion in there.

WvW Season One Rewards Are Unacceptable

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Posted by: Righteous.4307


I am sure that over the course of the next week that you will see countless threads popping up complaining about the rewards found in the WvW Season One reward chest. I don’t want to waste your time, but to be blunt something needs to be done. The rewards are… not only underwhelming, but for the health of WvW moving forward I feel that the current reward is inexcusable. Rewards in for events in GW2 (and any game) serve a few key functions:

1. Motivate players to partake in an event.
2. Provide adequate time/reward compensation to players who participate.
3. Grant players a feeling of accomplishment.

The current WvW Season One rewards do none of the above as the same reward for a 7 week undertaking is equal to about 30-40 minutes farming Frostgorge Sound. The implications may be greater than you previously anticipated. The full impact of the lackluster Season One reward should not be underestimated. Many servers in Bronze/Silver league worked diligently to recruit and motivate players who had never participated in the WvW game mode. Given the insignificant current reward getting people to try (and continue to play WvW) will only become harder. If no action is taken, when WvW Season 2 rolls around fewer players will be motivated to participate because the reward is not worth the investment of their time. Furthermore, as I’m sure you can see, the vast majority of the Season One participants feel that the reward was inadequate compared to their time investment. Finally, I think that it is safe to say that the current rewards provide absolutely no sense of accomplishment for anyone.

So, here is my clear and concise recommendation:

Amend the WvW Season One reward chest by providing the following-

1. Provide a unique, worthwhile reward for every player on every server who earned the reward key. Here are some suggestions:
a. An ascended quality back piece with a unique skin that is only awarded at the end of a season. (Think Karka Shell or Fractal Capacitor)
b. Utilize the release of the upcoming ascended armor release and reward players with a single set of ascended armor.
c. A single unique weapon skin (allow each player select one weapon from a set) that is only awarded in the WvW Season chests.

2. Remove the 250 count from the Gold/Silver/Bronze Dolyak finishers and make them permanent until the beginning of Season 2. The top 3 servers in each league should be given the gold for first, silver for second, and bronze for third. Essentially you would be giving 9 servers finishers rather than only 3. Clearly this would provide less insensitive for players to rush to a handful of servers and more intensive for players to participate spread throughout the range of servers so that nobody has to deal with a 4-5 hour queue.

Many are suggesting that we as a community simply accept the current reward and move on. However I would encourage you to consider the long term implications of inadequate rewards on the GW2 playerbase between now and the end of Season 2. ArenaNet has these forums so that the players have a clear channel of communication to the developers. Luckily, ArenaNet does listen and is taking strides at showing that with the Collaborative Discussion as well as removing the Flamekissed Light Armor Skin being removed/reworked. Make your voice heard.

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CDI- Character Progression- Vertical

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Posted by: drowze.3709


It may be not very social and probably won’t even be considered in Guild Wars 2, but I found the hero system in Guild Wars a lot of fun. Acquiring skills and weapons, and optionally cooler looking armor for your heroes was very rewarding. I remember building different teams for different character (my paragon, for example, used all paragon heroes and an orders necro, while my assassin used Miku as assassin hero with dual casting elementalists). I first encountered this team building in Baldur’s Gate, where you could gather different npc’s with different classes and alignments to join your party and then level them up and chose their skills.

Although I understand it’s not very social, you could limit use of heroes to the regular dungeon instances (the ones you need for Dungeon Master). You could use the personal story and your character’s “alignment” (that noble-aggressive… thing that you can have your character evolve in) be a factor in unlocking certain npc’s to join you. These can be put in your home instance and also give you certain daily quests you can help with, when player homes or home instances get an upgrade.

I dunno, I’m an avid pugger; patient and never one to curse out others, but I really enjoy gathering npc’s and setting them up to my inefficient-yet-gets-the-job-done liking.

This could contribute to vertical growth as you get more companions as you go through your personal story. As well as horizontal, as you set out on quests to gather their different armor/weapon sets and/or skills after completing the story.

Just my 2 cents.

Yaks Bend- Stormbluff Isle - Ehmry Bay

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Posted by: Soloressia.6473


I have never understood all the hate against SBI, please explain.

What’s not to hate? The arrogance on the forums, the underhanded tactics, the constant spamming /laugh when you roll over a group 1/3 your size, your inability to attack anything without blobbing en masse and your constant whining and excuses on the forums when you face some real competition outside of FA (admittedly not everyone but enough that the overall impression is a bunch of 14 year olds).

Your server gives off such a kittenty impression that I was genuinely surprised when I lost a 1v1 earlier (both of us downed one another) and got a /bow. A rare gem in a sea of arrogance.