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Screenshot Thread

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Posted by: Soulwrath.6821


My first screenshot ever, I call it the lucky shot
Looks bad@ss to me! ;D


Screenshot Thread

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Posted by: Toshax.7184



Just found this in my screenies folder,



"Design-a-Weapon" Contest!

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Posted by: Iridium.6385


“What exactly does this sentence refer to?: No automated entry devices and/or programs are permitted; all such entries will be void.”
I saw the link with an audio sample but a drawing, I don’t have in mind any auto-drawing device.

Definitely don’t get it…. I drew by myself weapons in 2D, then with Paint.Net I make some shades on it, and special effects, it’s okay? It’s not cheating it’s just using what we have to make the most beautiful look! It’s like peoples with blender, it’s a tool, the program cannot drew automatically a weapon without you..

That quote does not refer to the drawing process, but only to the “entry” process. When you will be done with your concept and will be uploading it, you should not use bots, but instead upload it yourself. You can use any program you like for drawing.

Armor repair has no purpose anymore

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Posted by: Majic.4801


I really don’t need to be punished any further when I die. I don’t like dying regardless of cost, avoid it as much as possible and running back from a waypoint or waiting while some generous soul rezzes me is punishment enough.

With repair costs removed, WvW feels a little less intimidating, especially being on a mid-level server and knowing all too well how it feels to get face-rolled again and again and again by massive zergs.

I like the way it is.

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Screenshot Thread

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Posted by: Bartl.3974


I just love LA. I could probably spend hours on just watching this beautiful envirement.


HEro point only giving 10 points?

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Posted by: PyrateSilly.4710


Core HPs are worth 1 point
HoT HPs are worth 10 points
PoF HPs are worth 10 points

I see nothing wrong here

Missing all sales

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Posted by: Inculpatus cedo.9234

Inculpatus cedo.9234

You purchased, and having read the disclaimer stating Gems arrive in 72 hours, and you mistrust the disclaimer, and thus, ArenaNet?

Good news! If you politely contact the CS Team, they may be able to assist you with missed Gem Store offerings.

Good luck.

Art stuff things

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Posted by: Ravel.5701


Drew yours first but idk if she looks sexy!!!!


[Suggestions] Gemstore Items

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Posted by: Nebelparder.3751


Idea from reddit. I didn’t make up the name or the idea! Credit goes to u/rabidsmiles for the idea and u/rune2004 for the name.

Memory of Lion’s Arch pass: takes you back to Lion’s Arch before Scarlet destroyed it. It works because it has all the crafting stations, TP, Bank, Mystic Forge, etc.

Also, please don’t make it look like an old movie when you use the pass. Let us see the colors!

I need that.

Asura vs. Asuran - How to use them.

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Posted by: The Greyhawk.9107

The Greyhawk.9107

In regards to “Asuran” it seems it very rarely used even in connection with something made or originating with the Asura, the biggest example being that its ‘Asura Gates’ as opposed to ‘Asuran Gates’.

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[Fan Story] The Assassin of Rata Sum - 08/14

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Posted by: Nerdalhadas.5689


Just finished the prologue and will continue to read!
Enjoyed alot!!!
Will be back for sure!

Art stuff things

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Posted by: Ravel.5701


That is wonderful! Good luck !!!!! ;u;

[Feedback]Path of Fire Elite Specialization Preview - August 18-20

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Posted by: Snowywonders.1378


Weaver air sword 1 is weaker then air dagger 1, it should be the opposite way since sword puts you closer! Additionally, I recommend a nice boost to all air skills in sword. I prefer a power play style over condi, and sword is leaning towards condi/hybrid for max efficiency, which is fine! BUT, make it like dagger in that it is really good if you go full condi, and pretty decent if you go full power! That is what makes ele weapon sets great.

Renegade was great! My favorite aspect is that it is very viable for a pure power spec which is a positive and good design, so great kittening job. So for any changes you might be considering for renegade, keep the power viability there please!

Soulbeast was good too. Major complaint is to please reduce the aura when in beast mode, I would suggest a complete redesign of it if possible. Dagger 3 is too slow to activate, a skill that provides quickness should be quick, it just does not feel good at the speed it’s in! And finally, dagger 1 chain could use a quick power damage boost, by about 15-20% would be a good choice!

Why are hungry cats getting so expensive?

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Posted by: Gaile Gray

Gaile Gray

ArenaNet Communications Manager

The point is to mimic real life. Owning a cat can be very expensive.

This is true. You give them tuna-flavored kibbles, and they soon want kitty tuna in a can. From kitty tuna, they move to real-people tuna, and soon you’re purchasing hand-made sushi from the most expensive restaurant in Bellevue.

(The above was intended to bring a smile to knowing cat owners, not to reduce the serious nature of the concerns expressed in this thread.)

More on topic: As a player, I know there are a few cats I won’t have, but I don’t mind — there are plenty that I can acquire, and I love the way they enliven my home instance!

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Waiting for Revenant Weapons

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Posted by: nottsgman.8206


They have already replied saying that they lost them so keep on waiting mate.

you believe that ? loool

you cant just LOSE allready modelled Designed weapons…….

I’m just going to assume you have never had a hardware failure in your life that led to any kind of data loss, or had someone else accidentally delete something you’ve been working on, or one of the million other things that could happen.

good for you!

however, in reality, it does happen for various reasons, so their explanation is completely valid. I even know of a mmo that had to shut down because they lost the entire game in a server crash and they didn’t have a proper backup. a set of weapons is nothing compared to that.

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Malicious restoration too underpowered.

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Posted by: Dorian.8542


No. The answer to this isnt to nerf a perfectly good skill but to instead bring this new one up to snuff. As it currently stands this isnt any better than the core game heals. Worse potentially.

The Mounts are Useless

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Posted by: Vayne.8563


OP, there are more waypoints in Orr than there are in most of the new zones, but most of them are contested most of the time. Mounts are never contested.

If you’re going to present an argument, why not present the entire argument.

Mounts are superior to waypoints for one reason. : Everyone has the same waypoints but people can customize mounts. They can choose a favorite mount. A mount can become part of the identity of your character. This and this alone was the reason I wanted mounts. Not because they were faster or could do cool stuff. It’s a matter of personalization, something waypoints don’t do at all.

Therefore mounts are superior to waypoints in every way that matters to me.

That’s just it Vayne, in “every way that matters to you.”

As I said before, I was clearly in the “No Mounts” category. I’ve softened a bit and will give them a try. I still respect, for many reasons, those that still don’t want them in game. Some of the reasons I didn’t want them still exist.

I’m not saying mounts are good or bad at this point, but I understand both sides.

It’s all good, however. I still won’t love the game or the people playing it any less.

This is why taking responses in context is important. The OP stated categorically that mounts are useless. I said they’re not to me. One of us is talking useless end stop, one of us is talking about what I personsally prefer.

Point 1. Mounts are useless
Counterpoint: Mounts aren’t useless to me, therefore they’re not useless.

They’re not useless to anyone who

1. Wants to customize their character further
2. Wants to stop using runes for a speed buff, or a specific build just to get a speed buff
3. Wants to get through a zone to a contested waypoint from another waypoint

If none of this has ever happened to you, mounts may be useless to you. The difference is, I didn’t post a thread about it on the forums saying they were useless. I responded to a thread with my own opinion.

It doesn’t matter to me if you personally understand both sides or not, because I’m replying to a thread that doesn’t.

The anti-mount sentiment on these forums has always been way overblow to me. But I try only to talk for me and people like me, rather than to make broad sweeping statements that are demonstrably untrue.

You’re not forced to use a mount everywhere in the open world, but there are places it will be useful.

The Mounts are Useless

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Posted by: Zoltar MacRoth.7146

Zoltar MacRoth.7146


The Mounts are Useless

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Posted by: Serophous.9085


You know what could’ve been a better feature than mounts?

A build template system so we can swap builds and gear faster.

Or gvg

But…ya know…mounts

The Mounts are Useless

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Posted by: Gulesave.5073


Honestly we already have lots of masteries that do exactly the same stuff as them i.e. jumping over gaps, reaching high places: Updrafts, Leylines, Bouncing Mushrooms, Nuhoch Wallows, Rift Traveler, Explosive Launch, Thermal Propulsion, Oakheart’s Reach. We can already do all that the mounts can do ok?

This is all you had to say.
Now go read how folks do not want to take the time to unlock these features that you and I took the time to do.

They are leveling the playing field once again.

However, blood vessels will burst out of foreheads when they realize they have to unlock mounts with masteries as well.

It will be fast and easy for folks like us because we know how all this works.
We will then squeal like a couple teenage girls at a New Kids on the Block concert in excitement only to be resented all over again.

Updrafts, mushrooms, etc. are all HoT masteries. Players who do not to buy HoT won’t have access to them at all. Each expansion is depending only on its own masteries. I think this is a smart business decision to not alienate new players, and also to make each expansion feel unique.

Also, the top argument is kind of like saying, “We already have specs that can deal damage, why introduce more?”

I should be writing.

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Spider Mount?

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Posted by: Squee.7829


Removed because of arachnophobia? Sure. That makes sense. Because I wasn’t afraid of the countless champion spiders littering Orr that were 3 times my size and literally trying to kill me. I’m just afraid of the tame spiders that allow me to ride them.

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DPS meter really?

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Posted by: RedZebra.2345


Cleary said also: “Now that we have set the bar and tool creators know what is acceptable, we are hoping that tool creators will make adjustments to their tools to make them compliant with our requirements and more accessible to a wider audience.
We will give our community plenty of time to make this adjustment before considering any action directly against tools or players that use them.”

From the moment a non compliant version is available of a tool, the tool itself is burned. I doubt ANET will ask afterwards if you were a good boy and used the compliant one.

Why are hungry cats getting so expensive?

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Posted by: IndigoSundown.5419


The point is to mimic real life. Owning a cat can be very expensive.

DPS meter really?

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Posted by: RedZebra.2345


No Xarallei he didn’t misunderstand as BGDM and arcdp are the mostly used and Anet made their stance about the semi compliant BGDM, no direct memory compliant dps meter is available atm. So everyone using such one now is in direct violation with TOS.

DPS meter really?

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Posted by: Aomine.5012


It seems Anet has make their stance for the issue of dps meter.

Use it at your own risk, and there’s no-one to blame if you get banned.

[Feedback]Path of Fire Preview - August 11 - 13

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Posted by: TexZero.7910


No elite specs in PvE was bad for a preview window.

The D3 (Diablo 3) “Elites” (Bounties) were cool, except when….certain combos appeared. Like Shadowstepping & Melee only. (Fix this)

Number of files.....

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Posted by: Hannelore.8153


About 20GB will be added to the game from current estimates. That will be distributed over the one and a half months, is that more helpful ?

But yes, we really need: 1) a percentage meter, 2) a size meter.

Sure, there’s a percentage meter already but it goes by the number of files so you can spend most of your patch time at like 50% and then have the rest of the bar quickly fill up because all the remaining files are small.

Pro tip btw, don’t patch the game at home, do it in public.

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Art stuff things

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Work. That place where your soul dies so that your body does not die of hunger. Haha xD

She is suuuper cute!