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Unable to logon with beta character

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Posted by: Orion Templar.4589

Orion Templar.4589

Was playing on a beta character just fine earlier today. After a new build was released, now I’m seeing the message below.


Unable to logon with beta character

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Posted by: Orirn.9605


Same is happening to me as well now

Edit: At 8:12 was finally able to log back in

Edit2: All progress was reset on my demo character

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Unable to logon with beta character

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Posted by: Balths Knight.9806

Balths Knight.9806

same thing here.

Unable to logon with beta character

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Posted by: MoeJoe.3790


Getting the same message

Unable to logon with beta character

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Posted by: DionysusAgain.8350


Yep, i’m encountering the same issue, after I push ok the game auto-closes and sends me back to the launcher as well.

Unable to logon with beta character

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Posted by: Cacti Eleven.9135

Cacti Eleven.9135

Having this problem as well after the latest build.

Scarlet, Slayer of Lores.

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Posted by: Narcemus.1348


I may be wrong, but I think JenLo is referencing Jennah/Logan.

Perfecting on evolution - the tail

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Posted by: Dog.1472


Asura are already perfect.

“Please, you can look down on people without having to be physically above them.
As an asura, I do this all the time.”

Thoughts of why charr are being ignored...

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Posted by: Kagusaki.3176


“When it comes down to it, the average MMO player wants something that looks sexy or relatively aesthetically pleasing – not something ugly, unusual or vicious.”

I think all charrs look sexy and aesthetically pleasing ._.

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New Playable Race and Lore

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Posted by: zamalek.2154


The hardest part about skritt would be translating stuff like… um… this:
…to skritt-ese. How do you take them seriously there?

On the contrary if the skritt are silly their entire storyline and morbid in that one instance it would add an immense amount of weight to it. At the moment that part of the storyline is very weak, I didn’t feel sorry for Ceera at all.

Epistemic.8013: Guys this is bullkitten a sentient plant creature is hitting these
wooden doors with fireballs and it’s working

Turrets are broken

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Posted by: Anymras.5729


Fixing the bugs would be a good start. After that, scaling could possibly be considered.

Your top 3 lore loose ends.

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Posted by: Donut.6914


Why slap Colin? He didn’t do nothing wrong. All he does is smile and swing a sword!

He is, in my opinion, the face of the company. A face that shall be slapped if I am not satisfied!

I swung a sword. I swung a sword again. I swung a sword again—-hey hey that’s great!

New Playable Race and Lore

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Posted by: redslion.9675


Krait might be done lore-wise.

Remember the mission “Wet Work” and following?

At the end of it, you steal the orb protecting the city in the Treacherous Depths from annihilation by the Risen. (IMHO in the personal story you character should say something about destroying an entire city, even if they deserved it)

Krait characters could start their story from there. They might barely escape the annihilation, maybe with some children they must protect, and they realize their superiority was just an illusion.

You will never be able to know what an engineer is going to do next…

because he doesn’t know it himself

gargoyle ranger pet

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Posted by: Verdelet Arconia.6987

Verdelet Arconia.6987

Sourfang would be a good pet too.


Scarlet is the BEST villain in GW2

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Posted by: Nilkemia.8507


Zhaitan killed Tybalt Leftpaw. Checkmate.

And Forgal and Seiran. Well, his minions did it, but still more or less it was Zhaitan. Triple Checkmate. Scarlet hasn’t killed anyone important.

Everyone is forgetting that she killed 10-50k people in the pavilion by bombing the only escape rout. So she killed a kittenload of people. Npcs should matter and be greater motivation for players to decapitate her giggling head off.

10,000 to 50,000 people in the pavilion? (If you’re using that K=1,000) Where are you getting these numbers? I don’t think there were even a thousand in there. That last bomb was just where Logan happened to be at the moment from what I saw, and only the bunch right around him got taken out (save for the one he managed to use aegis on). Around a dozen at best?

In that case, Zhaitan still wins due to killing far more at Claw Island. That’s not even counting all those who died when Lion’s Arch got flooded just by him waking up and rising Orr in the process, or all those the Risen have managed to kill in other attacks.

"Rytlocks" sword: Sohothin

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Posted by: Rednik.3809


Not sure we will see this happen ingame, so the Charr are stuck with their self-made ghost problem.

Ghostbore technology, invented by player in Iron Legion storyline. Given ultimate success of weapon tests and current rates of charr industrialization, ghost problem will be solved in few years without any legends and flashy swords.

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Twilight Arbor + Scarlet Briar =

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Posted by: Tachenon.5270


Ya know, I really like her mane.


The table is a fable.

OMG, not Scarlet again

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Posted by: hedix.1986


Well then, atleast we might be able to kill her now? Would that make you happy?

How Anet’s been treating Scarlet in interviews… expect her to be around for a while. Given Scotts mention of a couple years between ED plots, if we were to take that seriously, expect her to last to the end of 2014 at least.

D: Scarlet until the end of 2014? Anet will start losing playerbase before you can say “die die die, die die”…
Well, I truly hope they improve their poor storytelling and start presenting stuff in the actual game, NOT on in random blog post.

We need a villain with wider appeal and motives. Perhaps one that makes us question if we’re the hero or if they are as they call into question what we think we know about the dragons. Or one with a straight forward goal, but a more refined sense of style and approach. Whatever we get, it can’t be someone made to match characters we’re not playing.

This. Any kind of character depth to the existing cardboard cut-outs like Trahearne or Scarlet, would be much appreciated.

“Man this villain again, why can’t anet give us something new that we havent seen before?”

WRONG. Fanbase cries have been the opposite. We don’t want something new and random the whole time, we want expansion of the Tyrian lore! There are so many plotlines that need resolving, both from Personal Story, DE story, GW1 story. It would take years of storytelling for those, so why waste time on poorly developed villain of the week like Scarlet?

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OMG, not Scarlet again

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Posted by: MastaNeenja.1537


Zhaitan’s minions are far more interesting than Scarlet Sue.

Thralls included.

Scarlet & the Mad King?

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Posted by: MastaNeenja.1537


The only interaction I would like to see between these two involves the Mad King, his favorite choice of salad dressing, and Sporkcalibur.

Let`s aim more comfortly:-)

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Posted by: Arkham Creed.7358

Arkham Creed.7358

Any love for OSX?

(please post OSX alternative if any)

There is actually a very simple solution to all OSX tech and game problems.

Step 1; toss your currently system in the trash.

Step 2; buy a PC and run windows.

the worst thing about the Aetherblades...

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Posted by: Konig Des Todes.2086

Konig Des Todes.2086

How could they have been White Mantle? The White Mantle aren’t exactly pro-charr….

Or do you mean “instead of random pirates, they could have made Scarlet’s underlings being a group we already knew from GW1” – in which case, I say “no thank you, don’t make her ruin more of lore.”

Dear ANet writers,
Stop treating GW2 as a single story. Each Season and expansion should be their own story.

Tequatl The Sunless - Engineers Role?

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Posted by: Arkham Creed.7358

Arkham Creed.7358

Is Mortar any good in healing the front line?

Mortar is useless for everything.

Kits are NOT our primary profession mechanic

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Posted by: Ralkuth.1456


To be honest, there will not be a significant revamp of all skills and utilities happening in a short period. The fact is that it is a design issue, with 1 utility granting 5 unique skills and a class with only 1 primary weapon set in compensation, resulting in a perpetual need to use kits to retain average control/damage capabilities.
Realistically I will not wait for a huge fix, and just be content with 1 spec that is viable in a unique way and fits us in the meta, as in “We definitely need an Engi in our team”. Sadly it’s come down to kits, and I’m sorry for you.
To quote Blinx who said something somewhere, Viable > Variety, and he would rather have a single competitive spec than multiple not-so-good ones.

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Turrets and Scaling/ Elite Kit

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Posted by: PsTwoFreak.3096


So, while talking to a guild mate about engineers turrets I came up with a brilliant idea to make them useful for every build. Make them scale off of different stats. What I mean by this is simple, make the turrets scale off of stats that seem right for it. I’ll show what I thought would be nice here:

Rifle turret- Scale on Precision
Rocket Turret- Scale on Power
Thumper Turret- Scale on Toughness and/or Vitality
Flame Turret- Scale on Condition damage
Net Turret- Scale on Vitality or on Power
Healing Turret- Scale on Healing.

I think that with these new types of scaling for turrets they would be useful for once and would work with many different types of builds. I loved the idea of placing 3-4 turrets in a fight and just having them there with me attacking but right now they don’t do enough damage to be useful.

My next idea I came up with was an Elite skill Kit. Currently engineers have plenty of cool factors about them, but why don’t they have an Elite kit if they already have a kit for every other slot? I thought that since no class in the game currently has sniper like range and accuracy, with the exception of a Warrior’s Rifle Adrenaline skill, it would be a nice idea to make the Engineer’s Elite Kit skill a Sniper Kit. They could have superior range, high damage but slow firing, maybe make the skills do more damage to moving targets like some sniper enemies in the game.
You might think the kit would be too powerful because of that, but my idea would be to make it’s 5 skill something strange. The skill would have a long charge time, would be Undodge-able, do a high amount of damage at an extremely long range, and would set the ENTIRE kit on cool-down for some time before it can be used again. The other skills could be other types of attacks, let’s say Crippling shots, Knockdown shots, and even a Torment shot. I just would like to see a new Kit Elite Skill as there currently isn’t one even though there is a potion elite and a turret elite.

EDIT: There are two topics here, and so far all the comments and replies have been about turrets save for a few, let’s diversify and get some thoughts on every aspect of the post and not just the turrets.

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Flamethrower sucks?? Look at this!

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Posted by: JEFFARR.8163


Hi everybody
Ive loved the Flamethrower since i started playing engineer
but people thought that the Flamethrower sucks?? stop it!
2,700 armor
2,600 attack
25 stacks of might always
(9 stacks of might just for being in Flamethrower
build goes
My flamethrower build for pvp/wvw
Alchemy:II/VIorX/and XII
Runes: 2 Forge 2Fire 2 holbrak
(these runes will give you25 might stacks with Juggernaut and hgh)
soldier amulet:power/vitality/toughness
i use rifle with 5% damage sigil
Itll make you love flamethrower
youre welcome
feel free to leave suggestions

For the love of god let us sell ascended mats

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Posted by: root.9415



It has now gotten to the point where few players are crafting ascended weapons because they actually want one, we are crafting them because our inventories are plagued with materials for which there is nothing else to do.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s vendoring them for 1 copper each, at least it’ll be better than rightclick->destroy

Rate the Charrmor (Charr Armor) above you!

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Posted by: King xiuras.3615

King xiuras.3615

This is my char, a warrior named Khalar Bladestorm

Similar color scheme to my Guardian. What dyes are you using so I know what to look for. I like your darker greys and the deep red.

haha well i use Abyss dye and Wrath dye

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The LFG system, finally

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Posted by: Banquetto.9521


One must ask, however, why it took them over a year after release to incorporate a useful LFG system in this day and age (honestly, EVERY new MMO should have a functioning LFG system at launch….to not have one shows pure laziness or uncaring on the devs’ part). Disconnect from reality maybe? Or just lazy devs? Or maybe they just didn’t give a kitten.

Or maybe they listened to the noisy minority that whine about how LFG systems destroy games, life was much better when we talked to people (because spamming “LF1M for dungeon X” is so social..), yada yada

Most will use still anyways.

I would bet you my entire bank full of loot that the usage of will be less than 0.1% of the usage of the in-game LFG tool, once it launches.

The LFG system, finally

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Posted by: Mikuchan.7261


I am very glad that your taking the time to put the tool in the game correctly. This is a good thing.

A tool that shoulda been there from day 1.. Yet it’s just another carrot on a stick to get people to think HEY anet is doing something great for us.. when in fact balance and gettin classes right should be main priority not lfg tab. Most will use still anyways.

So most people would take the inconvenience to go outside the game rather than not?
And the people that have no clue that exists will suddenly use it instead of the ingame LFG?

Also different teams do different things. ANet is a company with some 200 to 300 employees. There’s no way everyone of those could work on balancing the game.
They have employed different people with different skills to different jobs for a reason.

There should be a sticky about how game design works.